Foodie Movies – Nourishing The Kids of Katrina

When I first saw this movie at a nutrition and physical fitness forum this past June, I knew that I had to share the story with others.  Nourishing the Kids of Katrina is an award-winning film about Green Charter School in New Orleans that was impacted by the hurricane. In 31 minutes, you are taken on a delightful journey with the filmmaker Robert Lee Grant and Alice Waters who over a four year period built an Edible Schoolyard and not only transformed the school but the lives of the students as well.

The students are introduced to growing and cooking food that is healthy as well as lessons in science and citzenship.  The key focus is on good nutrition as the country struggles with issues such as childhoold obesity, diabetes and an increase in physical inactivity. 

Along the way, the Edible Schoolyard represents more than a place for healthy food but a sancturary to help deal with everyday life.  A powerful quote from the film came from one of the young girls who says  “I really do love the garden because it is peaceful out here. It is like if they shooting and you really scared, you can hurry up and run to the garden.  It’s like nobody won’t cry here.”  Wow, hearing that just goes straight to my heart. 

The story behind the film and the filmmaker Robert Lee Grant is just as wonderful and will be featured in the October issue of Cuisine Noir.  In the meantime, please enjoy the trailer for my first Foodie Movie selection and stay tuned to learn how you can help fight childhood obesity.

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