Cuisine Of the World – India

Seems that India is on the minds of a lot of foodies and journalists this month.  Check out these great articles we found on Indian cuisine.

How to Make Real Curry

This is a great article that gets to the bottom of what curry is and how to make it.  Kathy Stephenson talks to Lavanya Mahate, a Utah cooking instructor and owner of East India Pantry spice company who sets the record straight.

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The New Spice Trade

In Britain, there are more Indian restaurants than any other culinary style and chicken tikka masala is the country’s number one dish.  Apparently, Britain has had a long love affair with Indian food and it doesn’t seem to be going away.

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Oberoi’s Kitchen: The Art Of Indian Haute Cuisine

India’s top chef, Hemant Oberoi, is in D.C. for the city’s three-week festival at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts called maximum INDIA.  Oberoi is the executive grand chef of the luxury hotel group The Taj, which operates more than 100 restaurants. He normally works out of the legendary Taj Mahal Palace and Towers in Mumbai.

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