What‘s New with Airline Travel

Provided by Sherra Jones

If you are a bargain hunter like me, then there are last minutes deals to score.  Why?  Airlines have been raising there fares to offset a surge in jet fuel costs.  But the increase has caused a drop in leisure travel passengers leaving airlines with more empty seats before scheduled flights—that’s when you will find the deals.

This year, about 20% of Hotwire.com, a discount –travel site, ticket searches turn up noticeable discounted prices as airlines struggle to fill the empty seats compared to last year’s 5% increase in discounted tickets. 

Secondly, MarketWatch, reports that travelers for Memorial Day will jump roughly 12% from a year ago.  Why? Despite the airlines’ struggle to keep their seats filled, the recovering economy has created a determined resolve by travelers to take that well -deserved vacation.  So travelers should still expect shoulder-to-shoulder seating, long security lines and little room in overhead bins for luggage.

Article source: MarketWatch, 5/23/11

Sherra Jones is the travel expert for Cuisine Noir Magazine and The Culinary Scoop.  For questions, contact her at traveldetailsbysj@gmail.com.

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