A Nudie Foodie Spotlight on Bren Herrera

By V. Sheree Williams

It was risqué decision, but in the end it was all for a good cause according to the selected food bloggers and food enthusiasts known as the “the nudie foodies.”  This past June, blogger Bren Herrera joined the list of men and women alike from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom for this fun project, “The Nudie Foodies – Food Bloggers Peel for Japan,” Style Book,  in an effort to raise money for the AmeriCares Charity Japan Relief Effort.

Herrera, the only Latina nudie foodie thus far, had some reservations at first, but those soon disappeared when remembering why she was doing this and who it would help.

If you are familiar with Herrera from her blog, Flanboyant Eats, then you can probably guess what food was featured with her in the photo.  That is right… flan.  She is an expert at making flan in a variety of flavors so it was a natural prop for the book.

Because the idea was to be strategically “nude” in a sexy and classy way, Herrera decided to do vintage pin-up look that was inspired by a photo with Eva Mendes.  If you know anything else about Herrera, you’ll know that she has no desire bare it all for Playboy or any other magazine of sort, but still wanted an expert who had experience taking photos where skin is exposed.  So she solicited the help of David, who has been shooting for Playboy for over 15 years.

During the shoot in her 6” stilettos, she jokingly described herself as a “hot mess” being outside her element and even had a few regrets the day after.  But after looking at the photos, she said “I don’t show anything more than you would see at the beach but it is the implied nudity is what it is and it is very sexy.” 

“The Nudie Foodies – Food Bloggers Peel for Japan,” Style Book was release to rave reviews with coverage from “The Today Show,” the Food Network, New York Times, LA Times, ZAGAT and more. For $26.95, food enthusiasts will receive “cheeky good fun” photos of some of their favorite nudie foodies.

Herrera posted a hilarious account of the experience on her blog and makes it clear when asked if she would consider posing for Playboy that the answer would be without a question…no.

Since the book’s release, many have come forth requesting to be the next nudie foodie.  In a fact, the founder, Linda Miller Nicholson, recently held a search that ended on July 31.  Apparently the entries came rolling in so it will be exciting to see what the next phrase of this project produces.

To purchase “The Nudie Foodies – Food Bloggers Peel for Japan,” Style Book, click here.

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