Kwanzaa 2011: Principle #6: Kuumba

Kwanzaa Kuumba Bear Red and Black Velvet Cake
By Shelley Chapman

I feel traditions take stronger root when we are young…
Twirling my hair, I envisioned a Kuumba Bear.
On a checked cushion of red, black, and green,
I dared to dream of Red Velvet Cream.
Remember, when you get the urge,
Never suppress your surge of creativity.
For you see these activities, make your community more
Beautiful and enhance our sense of unity.
Show you care, and let’s all share collectively and reflectively.
Happy Kwanzaa.

The sixth principle of Kuumba is all about creativity. It’s important to encourage the creativity and fantasy in our youth. I was lucky to have a mother who did just that. Today I find myself inheriting her ways of nurturing and creatively showing love through my food, and art. I decided to make a Kwanzaa cake to show a fun creative art form, the whole family can enjoy. Kwanzaa doesn’t have to solemn, but can be fun too. Personally, I have never celebrated Kwanzaa, but if I had a child I wanted to introduce this holiday to, I would start with cake and build up from there. When reflecting on Kuumba, we pledge to use our creative talents and energies to improve young hearts and minds.  Read more…

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