The Results Are In! National Survey Reveals How Americans Pronounce “Caramel”

Werthers OrginalApril 5 was National Caramel Day, and Werther’s Original celebrated by asking caramel lovers nationwide how they pronounce their favorite treat: ker-uh-muhl or kar-muhl. The national survey results are in and ker-uh-muhl takes the sweet honors with 57 percent of Americans using the three-syllable pronunciation.

The results of the survey uncovered regional trends in pronunciation, with ker-uh-muhl being the most popular pronunciation in the Northeast, South and West, and kar-muhl coming out on top in the Midwest:

  • Northeast
    • 57 percent ker-uh-muhl
    • 43 percent kar-muhl
  • Midwest
    • 43 percent ker-uh-muhl
    • 57 percent kar-muhl
  • South
    • 64 percent ker-uh-muhl
    • 36 percent kar-muhl
  • West
    • 58 percent ker-uh-muhl
    • 42 percent kar-muhl

The survey was conducted by Ipsos eNation from March 10-13, 2017 to a nationally representative sample of more than 1,000 adults in the United States.

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