Black Wineries, Winemakers and Professionals Around the World

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Welcome to the beginning of your great wine experience with Black wineries and winemakers from around the world.  The following information and listings are to showcase these stars who are creating amazing products for wine lovers all over the world.  From California to South Africa, this page is your roundtrip ticket to some of the best wines, the people behind them as well as the experts to love to talk about them.

To Support Wineries and Winemakers, You’ll Have to Purchase Online
Wine purchases are often done at a wine shop or at a grocery market, and often these purchases happen a few hours before the wine is to be consumed. There are advantages to that, of course, but the disadvantage for African-American owned wineries is that very few of them have their products for sale in mainstream store locations. In order to support African-American owned wineries, you’ll need to plan ahead and order online.

Tips for Ordering Online
Wine is an alcoholic product, and as such, it cannot be left on your doorstep or received at your house by someone under the age of 21. For that reason, it’s best to have the wine delivered to your  place of employment where there will be someone there to sign for your shipment.

Like many products, wine is generally cheaper in larger quantities. The same goes (to a degree) for shipping. For these reasons, it’s advisable to order many bottles at once. This gives you a chance to order several of a particular wine you enjoy, or mix and match from a variety of what the winery makes.

Related to the above, have your gift list planned so that you can buy all of your wine gifts (which include wines you want to take to holiday dinners when you’re a guest) in one purchase. You’ll probably save money in the long run.

If you’re ordering wine online and having it shipped directly to someone else’s address as a gift, make sure the winery ships to that state. Some states, such as Massachusetts, have restrictions on shipments of alcohol (although my friends are always willing to drive to New Hampshire to pick up wine I send to them).

Plan for at least a week and usually you’ll be pleasantly surprised when your shipment arrives sooner than that.

Wait, I Live in California!
For those of us lucky enough to live near wineries, there is the opportunity to purchase wine on-site. Wine tasting is a delightful activity all in itself and it can provide an opportunity to learn about the wines from the winemakers themselves. Most of the African-American owned wineries are located in California and some have tasting rooms that are open to the public.  Wherever the winery is located,  be sure to check their websites for details and operating hours.


Bodkin Wines
Healdsburg, CA

Winemaker Christopher Christensen makes California’s first sparkling sauvignon blanc as well as a still sauvignon blanc. Other varietals include a muscat canelli and a zinfandel that will be released this September.

Brown Estate
Napa, CA

Located in Napa Valley, the sibling team of Coral, David and Deneen Brown make wines that include Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.  Tastings available off-site in Yountville.

Earl Stevens Selections

Rapper E-40 or Earl Stevens is a wine connoisseur who decided to make his own label of wine. Earl Stevens Selections has three offers: mangoscato, red blend (cabernet and zinfandel) and moscato. Wines (Currently not in production)
San Francisco, CA

Sisters Andrea and Robin McBride are the owners of wines which are made in New Zealand at the first carboNZero Cert™ winery in the world.  They produce three varietals – Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Noir and their vision is to create wines that enrich a celebration of life, beauty, and optimism, for the betterment of humankind. Wines are all about being accessible, beautiful, sustainable, and tasty.

Read more about in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Esterlina Vineyards
Philo, CA

This winery is also owned and operated by the Sterling brothers and specializes in Pinot Noir, pulling grapes from both Mendocino and Sonoma counties. Cole Ranch, the smallest AVA in the United States, is solely owned by Esterlina.  Tastings on-site by appointment.

Everett Ridge Winery
Healdsburg, CA

Beautiful winery and tasting room located in Dry Creek Valley (Sonoma County). Owned and operated by four brothers, Eric, Steve, Chris and Craig Sterling. Diablita Wines is a separate label also produced by Everett Ridge.  Tasting room open to the public.

Flo Brands
Silver Spring, MD

Founded by jazz artist Marcus Johnson, FLO Wine, part of FLO Brands, produces and sells two types of wine – a Chardonnay and a Red Blend. The wine is bottled in northern California and created using grapes from the best appellations around the state.

Read more about Flo Brands in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Heritage Link Brands
New York, NY

Owned by husband and wife team Khary and Selena Cuffe, Heritage Link Brands works with vintners from across Africa with the majority of their relationships in the continent’s most developed market, South Africa.

Read more about Heritage Link Brands in Cuisine Noir magazine.

House of Mandela Wines
South Africa

Nelson Mandela’s daughter and granddaughter have launched a premium wine label with fine wines that capture the essence of the South African’s viniculture that is truly becoming an industry rival worldwide.

Read more about the House of Mandela Wines in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Indigenè Cellars
Paso Robles, CA

Raymond Smith is the owner and winemaker for Indigenè with the winery based in Carmel Valley, Monterey County. The Riesling (I=mb2) is fruit-forward and pleasing, the Cabernet Sauvignon, complex.

J Moss Wines
Napa, CA

J Moss is a small family owned wine producer who creates high quality, hand crafted lots of Cabernet Sauvignon from the appellations of Napa Valley.

L’Objet Noir
Healdsburg, CA

Dan Glover is the winemaker behind this brand.  The 2008 L’Objet Noir, Pinot Noir is from the well known Bacicalupi Vineyard located in the storied Russian River Valley.

Longetivity Wines
Livermore, CA

Winemaker Phil Long enjoys the challenge of bigger wines, but approaches each varietal with the same dedication.  The tasting room is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 5 pm. Favorites in the barrels will always include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Debruvee (the signature Rhone Style blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, and Petite Sirah), and Philosophy (Bordeaux style blend), and Chardonnay among others.

Read more about Longevity Wines in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Maison Ilan
Nuits-Saint-Georges, France

Maison Ilan is owned by San Francisco Bay Area native Ray Walker and is a micro-négociant winery, sourcing small lots of pinot noir fruit from the Côte de Nuits region in Burgundy, dedicated to exceptional Premier and Grand Cru vineyards. The winery is located in Nuits-Saint-Georges, France.

Marke Wines
Napa, CA

Marke Wines are a reflection of winemaker Marbue Marke’s journey.  It is a journey that defies conventional expectations…and leads to unexpected destinations.  The result of this journey is his personal portfolio of the art of wine making.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Husband and wife team, Diale and Malmsey Rangaka, left their professional careers behind to build a family business around developing a world-class wine tourism business in South Africa.

Mouton Noir
Harlem, NY

Mouton wines are unique and distinctive garage wines produced by Andre H. Mack.  Founded in 2004, Mouton Noir began producing wines for New York City restaurants and released their first label, Mouton Noir Wines’ Montgomery Place in 2008.

Read more about Mouton Noir in Cuisine Noir magazine.

MYX Fusion Moscato

MYX Fusions Moscato is co-owned by Nicki Minaj, one of today’s most influential female recording artists, and entertainment industry magnate, Mona Scott-Young. MYX Fusions Moscato combines the excitement of fruit-infused sparkling wine with the infinite drinkability of full-flavored beer.  MYX is currently available in 3 exciting flavors – Peach, Coconut and Original Moscato.

San Francisco, CA

Gil Payne, a San Francisco sake sommelier, wants us to know two things: Good sake is not supposed to be served hot and sake bombs aren’t cool either. Payne owns Nombe, the acclaimed izakaya-style Japanese restaurant with his wife in the Mission District.

Read more about Nombe in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Nyarai Cellars
Jordan, Ontario – Canada

Winemaker Steve Byfield is the owner of Nyarai Cellar, one of the small yet growing collection of vintner-directed virtual operations within the Niagara region.

Read more about Nyarai Cellars in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Rideau Vineyards
Solvang, CA

Owned by Iris Rideau, and located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County, Rideau produces wines that highlight Rhône varietals.  Tasting room open to the public.

Running Tigers Wine
Sacramento, CA

Winemaker and owner Daniel Bryant is also a member of the Association of African American Vintners and his Syrah is full of fruit and spice. Daniel also operates A Color of Grape Wine Tours and Education.

Seven Sisters
Morgenster, Brackenfell, South Africa

The Brutus family of seven biological sisters started this business in the wine industry.  Their wines are sold in 41 states as well as on American Airline’s international flights.

Simple Math Wines
Sonoma County

Winemaker Christian Lane’s approach in the wine business is to be as organic as possible, removing the intellectual BS surrounding it and using top-quality vineyards with proven results. Modern winemaking practices, plenty of collective brainpower and experience with fair and transparent pricing.

Simply Vino
Los Angeles, CA

Simply Vino’s Vina Sympatica™ is a bubbly blend of super fruit and wine and as its name suggests, quite simply “a likeable wine.” The concept is a play on the traditional wine spritzer – cool, classic, light and enjoyable.

Sharp Cellars
Sonoma, CA

Sharp Cellars’ production is very limited. Concerned more with quality, each varietal rarely exceeds 300 cases.  Vance Sharp began producing wines under his own label, Sharp Cellars with the first release being the 2001 Hailey’s Creek Zinfandel.   Sharp’s wines were met with immediate acclaim receiving tasting honors and awards as well as being served at the White House.

Theopolis Vineyards
Yorkville, CA

Theopolis Vineyards is a small lot vineyard and hand-crafted winery located in California’s prestigious Yorkville Highlands of the Anderson Valley.  Owned by Theodora Lee, wines made from the grapes harvested on the vineyards have received stellar ratings of 94-96 points by world renowned critic Robert Parker.  In 2014, Lee started bottling and distributing her wine releasing a Petite Sirah and Symphony (a white wine that is crossing of Muscat and Grenache Gris).

The Vegan Vine
Los Angeles, CA

Retired basketball star John Salley has embraced his vegan lifestyle and love for wine by partnering up with Clos LaChance Winery for his first foray into the wine industry. Wines are sold online and at select retail locations.

Read more about The Vegan Vine in Cuisine Noir Magazine.

TwentyFour Wines

Charles Woodson discovered his appreciation for wine in 1998 when he arrived in Napa with the Oakland Raiders for training camp.  The TwentyFour vineyard is farmed with the same artisanship, precision and delicate care that is at the core of the winemaking philosophy.

Vanilla Puddin
Napa Valley, CA

Fun, elegant, stylish and approachable are just a few words to describe the 2012 Vanilla Puddin Chardonnay from Napa Valley, CA.  Created in conjunction with Gabrielle Union and JaM Cellars, Vanilla Puddin Chardonnay has characteristics of pears, light French oak, white chocolate with dollops of vanilla, the perfect wine to make any day a special occasion.

Wisdom Oak Vineyards
North Garden, VA

Jerry Bias owns and operates this winery in Virginia – that’s right, it’s not in California. They make a range of vitis vinifera, but also some vitis labrusca varietals. Tasting room open to the public.

Read more about Wisdom Oak Winery in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Vision Cellars
Windsor, CA

Owner and winemaker Mac MacDonald has become an icon of African American winemaking. He is co-founder of the Association of African American Vintners and produces several Pinot Noir wines from various vineyards in California.

XIX Wine
Los Angeles, CA

XIX was created in partnership with NFL superstar Keyshawn Johnson and is a custom creation from the Echo West Vineyards in Northwest Oregon and made with 100 cabernet sauvignon grapes.

Read more about XIX in Cuisine Noir magazine.


Lee Campbell
A trip to New York’s Wythe Hotel and its restaurants will put in you the company of sommelier Lee Campbell, one of the industry top wine professionals.

Andre H. Mack
André Mack decided to leave his “desk job” to pursue his passion for wine and  has built an impressive career since.   He has been featured in major publications, such as Food and Wine, Wine and Spirits Magazine, The New York Times, Women’s Health, Ebony, and Black Enterprise. Mr. Mack was honored in 2007 with The Network Journal’s 40-Under-Forty Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to business.

Brian Duncan
Brian is the former wine director of Chicago’s BIN 36, the famously wonderful wine bar and restaurant. With a philosophy that wine should be enjoyable and accessible, Duncan relies on tastings. Instead of asking lots of questions to guess what wines people enjoy, he’d rather bring a few bottles around and garner a guest’s direct reaction to different varietals.

Read about more about Brian Duncan in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Christian Lane
Winemaker and author Christian made his first wine in his bathtub and today loves to share his knowledge about the business and how to make the way we think about wine a little less complicated.

DLynn Proctor
Born and raised native of Dallas, DLynn Proctor is now an international fixture in the wine industry. In 2008, Wine & Spirits Magazine named Proctor the “Best New Sommelier in America.” This proclamation was followed by articles and features in national media outlets such as Wine Spectator, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Decanter and The New York Times.

Read more about DLynn Proctor in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Greg B. C. Shaw
Greg is a college professor in the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration at California State University, Sacramento. His areas of specialty include wine tourism education and California wine geography, and Greg has conducted wine tours, written a book chapter about wine tourism, and is also a contributing writer for Cuisine Noir magazine.

James Darden
James is the former head sommelier at Bottega in Yountville in Napa Valley. Bottega is the restaurant home of celebrity chef, Michael Chiarello. James Darden is also one-half of the team that owns Rival Wines (his brother Daniel is the other half).

James King
James King and the King Group present a variety of unique and unforgettable events for wine and food groups. They create a “full-bodied” experience for corporate wine tastings, conferences, fundraisers, special events, and private homes.

Read more about James King in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith is the winemaker at Klinker Brick in Lodi Wine Country.  Originally from Belize, Joseph is the man behind the award-winning wines in this undiscovered wine country.

Read more about Joseph Smith in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Marbue Marke
Caldwell Winery and Vineyard
isn’t an African-American owned winery at all, but their winemaker, Marbue Marke, is and Caldwell promotes his expertise proudly. Caldwell is in east Napa County in the Coombsville region. Tasting room open to the public.

Ntsiki Biyela
Ntsiki Biyela is the resident winemaker at Stellakaya Winery in South Africa and is also the first Black woman winemaker in the country as well.  She joined the winery in January 2004 and has a passion for red wine and was named the Landbouweekblad Woman Winemaker of the year in 2010.

Read more about Ntsiki Biyela in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Victoria Coleman
Victoria Coleman’s passion for viticulture and winemaking is stimulating. The Seattle native began working in the wine business as a production assistant to Michael Silacci.  She is currently the wineamaker at Mario Bazán Cellars and has been there since 2004.

Vino Seduction
Vino Seduction is a LIVE web-broadcast that allows viewers to get comfortable learning about wine with three fun and vivacious hostesses. The show is geared towards wine enthusiasts who want to learn all about wine varietals, history, and pairings without getting lost in the snobbery that can sometimes occur in the wine world.

Read more about Vino Seduction in Cuisine Noir Magazine.


The Don Cornelius  Family of Wines Wine Club
The Don Cornelius Family of Wines Wine Club is a program that showcases wines from premier wineries around the globe with proceeds supporting the Don Cornelius Foundation. The club offers two membership levels at $90 per quarterly shipment or $150 per quarterly shipment.

Urban Vino
urban {vino} is a diverse and exciting wine marketplace focused on connecting sophisticated urban wine enthusiasts with exclusive wines of California.  The wine club offers a unique experience and features wines from Urban favorites, as well as African American, Hispanic, female, and celebrity vintners. Membership is $45 a month.


African-American Wine Tasting Society
Founded by Renée Rowe, the AAWTS has chapters in Atlanta and Indianapolis for all interested in wine. The new Facebook page keeps members and friends up to date.

Divas Uncorked
The Massachusetts based group founded by Stephanie Browne, is a gathering of Black women who love to taste and learn about wine. Divas hosts events (at various locations), seminars and even has a scholarship to give to “Divas in Training” that are studying to become sommeliers.

Read more about Divas Uncorked in Cuisine Noir magazine.

Roots and Vines Wine Tours
Roots and Vines is the product of two similar visions from Miquel Boscana and James Adams. Together they host private and special group tours and conduct winetasting presentations and education seminars.

Sacramento Wine and Nightlife Tours
Owned by husband and wife team, Grady and Gina O’Bryant, Sacramento Wine and Nightlife Tours takes guests on trips to Napa Valley, Lodi, The Sierra Foothills, and other wine regions around Sacramento. SW&NLT also conducts music and food trips.

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  1. Got another one for ya. I’m Christian Lane, African-American winery owner.

  2. Jess Peters says:

    Great job Sheree….Cuisine Noir is the only publication on the planet earth that has completely documented the African American winemakers and vineyard owners.Thank you for your dedication and professionalism…Please keep us informed and Thank You again….Jess P

  3. Iris J. Belton ( Jackie ) says:

    Oh my gosh !!! Two years ago I could only locate a handful of Black owned winieries
    I am truly pleased to know there are many more . A group of us are from
    the NYC area any, suggestions on group tours for food and wine tasting
    Thank you for including ” Cuisine Noir ” in your article

  4. Patricia says:

    I would like to have a party focusing on wine tasting. Most of my friends love wine and have their own collections, so I thought this would be a nice theme for a party. I am thinking about having it sometime between now and Thanksgiving. I am located in Northern California and I would like the focus would be on wines produced by African-American vitners. Perhaps 40 people will attend; in addition to the wine, I would have a variety of cheeses and small dishes. I would anticipate that a few people will sign up for memberships in the wine clubs that are featured.
    Any assistance or tips you can provide would be appreciated.

  5. Dave says:

    Very good research – you’ve covered most of the ones I know of – my specialty in wine is entirely in the Napa Valley.

    Also check out Black Coyote owned by: Dr. Ernest Bates –

    I know there are a few more in Napa – but I’m trying to remember their names and who they work for… when it comes to me, Ill post again here :)

    ~ Dave

  6. glen poole says:

    Which one of the San Francisco Bay area wineries you listed are open for tastings by appointment or walk ins please

  7. Marla says:

    Hi everyone! This is great news. You may be interested in the article I wrote about African-American owned wineries for Uptown magazine. Feel free to contact me through my website with any news on this topic.

  8. A. Richmond says:

    Also check out 1 Black Girl 20 Black Wines…it’s the only wine tasting, touring and event company that uses wines exclusively from black vintners across the world!

  9. msb says:

    Are there any such wineries in or near Central Va?

  10. Wine Lady says:

    Love the tips above about ordering online as well as the list of wineries. Thank you!

  11. i would like to tour all the wine makers in the bay area! please reply asap.

    • VSheree says:

      Hello. Most of them do not have tasting rooms but we can help as much as we can. You will need to contact each one individually to coordinate. Brown Estate and Esterlina both have tasting rooms for sure. Good luck!

  12. Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the challenges.
    It was definitely informative. Your site is useful.
    Thank you for sharing!

  13. I would like to make you aware of a wine tasting meetup that I founded here in Los Angeles in December 2012: Wine Noir. So far, we have had two sold-out Meet The Winemaker Events, featuring Mac McDonald of Vision Cellars. The next will be 3/22, featuring Dan Glover and his gorgeous wines from L’Objet Noir.

  14. Ernest says:

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  16. Liz Pinkett says:

    I am seeking black-owned wine and beverage companies to participate in The Southern Classic Food and Beverage Show in Atlanta this Labor Day Weekend, Saturday, August 31, 2012 in Atlanta from 1:00pm – 5:00pm. Is there any company willing to be an Exhibitor or to donate some of their wine for the attendees to sample. We would like to advertise your business at this event. Please contact me at the email address stated or give me a call at (240) 888-4967, You can take a look at our Facebook page as well…. and

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  25. I am really researching non-alcoholic wines. Do any of these wineries make them? I do an annual ball for families with Osteogenesis Imperfecta or Brittle Bones and would like to serve something along those lines. It’s a family friendly event.

    I am also looking for ways to partner with various businesses to raise awareness about Brittle Bones. If you or your respective companies have suggestions, please let me know.

    I just did a search for Sugar Leaf and they are now Wisdom Oak Winery.

    Thanks for helping me out.

    Have an awesome day!!


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