Baskin-Robbins Turns Breakfast Into Dessert with its September Flavor of the Month — French Toast

For a Limited Time Only, Ice Cream Enthusiasts Can Enjoy the Rich, Decadent Taste of French Toast with a Spoon

Breakfast for dessert? Baskin-Robbins’ September Flavor of the Month provides ice cream enthusiasts a fun twist on Sunday brunch.  The world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops today introduced French Toast ice cream, a flavor featuring scrumptious French Toast-flavored ice cream combined with gooey maple bread pudding.  So toss out the fork and knife and grab a spoon –an iconic Baskin-Robbins pink spoon – to enjoy this French Toast inspired flavor.  

French Toast began dazzling the taste buds of King Henry V in the 15th Century when bread that might have otherwise been thrown away was used to create a sweet treat for the King.  Now a global breakfast favorite, French Toast is enjoyed by all ages and can be made with a variety of breads and topped with butter, gooey syrups, and fruit.  Typically, it is served for breakfast or enjoyed as a favorite weekend brunch option.  

Baskin-Robbins is offering French Toast ice cream nationwide, for a limited time only, and is available by the scoop – in a cup or cone – or as a Baskin-Robbins classic sundae. The flavor is also available in hand-packed pints, quarts and half-gallons so ice cream lovers can bring French Toast home to enjoy with family and friends or create their own specialty ice cream desserts.*

*In California, Baskin-Robbins offers hand-packed ice cream in three sizes: small (12 oz), regular (1 lb., 8 oz), and large (3 lb.).

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