It’s the Value Not the Price

Many of us focus too much on the price of a vacation instead of considering the value.  When deciding a vacation spot, the value is worth so much more than the price.  We all know that a family budget is very important and that you want the most bang for your money.  However, before you consider the cost, think about the benefits.  Here are some key questions to ponder to ensure you of the perfect vacation:

  • How the destination was chosen
  • Who will be traveling
  • What the goals of the trip might be
  • What type and quality of accommodations are desired

Based on these responses will help you to determine your price limit.

Article source: Travel Research Online, May 22nd, 2012, Richard Earls

Sherra Jones is the travel expert for Cuisine Noir Magazine and The Culinary Scoop.  For questions, contact her at

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