Kwanzaa Culinarians Celebrate Key Principles

Today is the first day of Kwanzaa with a focus on the principle Umoja or Unity.  For the next seven days, Kwanzaa Culinarians will celebrate the principles with recipes and fellow blogger contributions.  Be sure to follow Kwanzaa Culinarians on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

What better way to show unity through wine than with Selena Cuffe of Hertiage Link Brands.  Selena Cuffe, President and CEO of Heritage Link Brands, is a woman of purpose. Passionate about advancing positive images of Africa and determined to provide a legacy for her family, she has built a wine importing and brand management company that does what its name suggests: link U.S. wine consumers to the heritage of Africa and its Diaspora. Selena Cuffe started Heritage Link Brands with the vision to use wine as a conduit through which to share little known facts about Africa, improving the images of Africa and the African Diaspora.  Read the rest of the post…

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