Unique Wine and Yoga Experience in Sonoma County

Swedish-born Yoga Teacher Takes a Different Approach

Atmani Tours, now available Thursdays through Sundays, combines wine tasting and fine dining with daily yoga instruction by operator, Hermine Baker. Her experience as a yogini and ayurveda practitioner, as well as an assistant winemaker, is ideal for conducting these special journeys in Sonoma County, California.

The tours run four days a week from 9am to 5pm with a choice of participating in one day or multiple days, each centered around a different Sonoma County wine valley. Each tour day begins with a Hatha Flow yoga experience tailored for a wide range of ages and fitness. The yoga awakening is a true journey of the inner soul and a beautiful connection with the people and land of Sonoma County. The magic yoga energy continues throughout the day as tour guests taste organic, bio-dynamic wines at boutique wineries, off the beaten path. “With all the deep breath work from morning yoga, my guests are able to taste and connect with the wine on a deeper level. Wine preference is very subjective, so the more you are centered, the better wine choices you will make, ” says Hermine Baker, Atmani Tour guide/owner. For lunch, guests will enjoy a delicious gourmet picnic at a small winery, with spectacular views of the valley.  The food is all locally grown, featuring cheeses and charcuterie from surrounding farms.

Hermine’s objective for these journeys is to help people become more aware of the present moment and to deeply connect with the soil, nature and themselves. She says, “The connection we once had with nature and ourselves needs to be deeply nurtured and rediscovered. The fastest way to get there is through mindfulness and breath work.” The word  Atmani is Sanskrit and means “in the pure state of the soul.” Sonoma County is where the soul can dance to the rhythm of life and the land. “Atmani is my invitation to you to join me in this dance, an experience that can fill you, as it does me, with possibilities, hope and joy,” says Hermine.

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