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Beyond Somm Talk with Anani Lawson

Anani Lawson Head shot

Sommelier and entrepreneur Anani Lawson

When Anani Lawson left his native Togo in West Africa for the United States, he was in pursuit of success in a career and industry he had not yet identified. The goal for the tennis pro turned sommelier was to use his skills as a tennis instructor to not only pay the bills but also network and gain insight into what may be next for him professionally. “It [tennis] was a stepping stone to get to somewhere else. Through tennis I was to connect with the idea of working in a restaurant,” says Lawson. Read the rest of the article online…

Made From Scratch: Chef Mike Walters

Chef Michael Walters

Chef Mike Walters

A passion for food comes across loud and clear when chef Mike Walters talks about food. He would make almost anyone with even the slightest desire to cook for a living want to leave his desk job and slave over a hot stove in the kitchen. The Washington, D.C. native has amassed an impressive culinary pedigree by working with some of the country’s top chefs, and with no culinary degree, has worked his way up the ranks from dishwasher to executive chef in a variety of fine dining restaurants. Renowned chef Michel Richard told the blossoming cook that he had a great palate – one of the greatest compliments for a chef and words that still resonate with him today. Read the rest of the article online…

Miami: A Multicultural City of Surprise


Little Haiti – Libreri Mapou Bookstore

Miami is always a hot choice when it comes to vacationing year round and the city is always buzzing – from South Beach to Coconut Grove. It has a unique swag defined by tastemakers influencing fashion, art, music and food. It is a haven full of multicultural areas not so off the beaten path and worth exploring by any mode of transportation. It is well worth a pause, a retreat and a refuge from the reality of wherever you come from. Miami will surprise you with its Afro-centric heritage and lure you in to see a side beyond its beautiful beaches. Read the rest of the article online…

Simple Gourmet at Home

Chef J Jackson

Chef J. Jackson aka Mr. Foodtastic



Start cooking with this latest recipe by chef J. Jackson for Banana Split Bread. Get the recipe online…





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