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Talk of the Dixie with Food Culturist Nicole Taylor

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Author Nicole A . Taylor

Growing up in Athens, Ga., author and food culturist Nicole Taylor did everything she could to distance herself from country living when she moved to Atlanta for college. Being in the big city meant new food and cultural experiences; something she very much looked forward to. “When I turned 18 years old, I was like get me out of this country place. I wanted to be in the big city. And from Athens going to Atlanta it was like arriving and coming into your own.”  Then years later, a move “up” to New York changed everything and also inspired her first cookbook just released by Countryman Press, “The Up South Cookbook: Chasie Dixie in a Brooklyn Kitchen.” Read the rest of the article online…

Two Jack’s Nik’s Place: A Restaurant for the Community

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Chef and restaurateur Nikki Cooper

Building on to her parent’s legacy as a community restaurant in San Francisco was the vision when Nikki Cooper took over the family’s first restaurant Two Jack’s Seafood in the Lower Haight neighborhood 10 years ago. The only child of the successful restaurateurs, Cooper renamed the location Two Jack’s Nik’s Place, adding her own culinary touches and nuances while still serving great comfort foods that have been enjoyed by several generations of San Franciscans as well as tourists. Read the rest of the article online…

A Bush Escape from Durban to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi: Where the Lions Feed

P1120784Logically, one should pack binoculars and a flashlight for a bush escape. But somehow the three pairs of binocs floating around the apartment in Durban don’t get a look-in. Neither do the three new load-shedding rechargeable lights waiting to be tested.

What does find their way into my “getaway” stash are Prince Albert “Karoo blend” olive oil, a package of frozen ostrich fillet that’s been sitting in the deep freeze for a couple of months, a tin of Polish sprats that have been waiting to be devoured since I bought them, in Poland, and brought them back eight months ago, a bottle of Haute Cabriere unwooded pinot noir and a couple of other decent South African wines. Read the rest of the article…

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