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Bringing Power to the People with Red Bay Coffee

Keba Konte of Red Bay Coffee

Keba Konte of Red Bay Coffee

Coffee to Keba Konte is more than a carefully brewed drink with notes and aromas.  It is a vehicle for economic change. The San Francisco native founded Red Bay Coffee in 2014 in Oakland after years of perfecting his barista skills that he first started to hone in on while running his first eatery, the Guerilla Café, in North Berkeley.

Known international for his work as a visual artist, Konte is no stranger to using artistic platforms to raise consciousness about community and political issues. With Red Bay Coffee, the vision is to inspire the next generation of coffee brewers and baristas by creating a business model that allows all employees to share the profits as well as decide how to invest in the growth of the business.  Read the rest of the article online...

Luxury: Design Inspired By a Feeling

Designer Phyllis Bowie at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco

Can you recall how you felt the last time you entered a lobby of a luxury hotel or the first time you experienced the reflective crystal of a Baccarat wine glass? I recently walked in the newly renovated Ritz Carlton in San Francisco and the sweet smell of fresh Casablanca Lilies and the cool smooth marble under my feet made me so happy. I felt at home and at peace.

I am always tuned into spaces that inspire me. And this day was no exception.  As I was planning for a fundraiser lunch, I was drawing a blank on the design and look of my buffet style even before remembering this first step: look for inspiration to establish a theme.  The Ritz was my inspiration. Luxury became my theme.  Read the rest of the article online…

Book Grub

Wine Bible_COV 20.inddAdd to our food and wine book collection with the second edition of The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil.

On every wine enthusiast’s desk or coffee table should be copy of “The Wine Bible” by author and wine consultant Karen MacNeil.   One of the most complete and comprehensive books on wine that we have seen in years, MacNeil has taken more than 30 years of experience in the industry and has written an book that both novice and seasoned wine lovers can appreciate.  Read the rest of the review online…


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