“Instant Garden” Makes it Easy to Start an Organic Garden Anywhere, Without Dirt or Digging

 Grow Pod Solutions developed the world’s most advanced indoor farms for commercial growers, now brings hydroponic technology to the home gardening market

Grow Pod Solutions, the developer of portable commercial-grade automated clean growing environments, unveiled its patented “Instant Garden” – the world’s first hydroponic, portable system to grow plants, flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables at home – without dirt!

With Instant Garden’s patented hydroponic technology, people can garden indoors or virtually anywhere. The small, portable unit sits comfortably on a balcony, patio, or indoors near a window, and automatically provides water and nutrients to plants so that anyone can grow healthy food, beautiful flowers, or fresh herbs, quickly and easily.

Instant Garden saves you from backbreaking work. There’s no weeding, no sweat, and no mess.

Grow anything, anywhere, anytime.

With Instant Garden, water levels are automatically adjusted, so it’s virtually impossible to get it wrong. Even if you don’t have a “green thumb,” with Instant Garden, you can grow almost anything, anywhere, anytime.

Instant Garden has a small footprint so it can be located in any convenient location. All you need is about 4 square feet of a sunny space and the system does the rest.

Grow Pod Solutions has developed the world’s most advanced indoor farms for commercial growers, and now brings its state-of-the-art hydroponic technology to the home gardening market.

“We view Instant Garden as an Agent of Change,” said George Natzic, President of Grow Pod Solutions. “For the first time, people can grow almost anything at home, without needing the space for a traditional garden, without backbreaking work, without dirt or chemicals,” he said. “We give people the ability to incorporate the wonders of gardening into their lives.”

Instant Garden be used to create magnificent flower gardens, or to grow plants, herbs, vegetables or fruits – year around, with ease.

For information on Instant Garden, visit: www.instantgarden.com.

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