Red Bay Coffee Honors Women in Leadership

The power of women is undeniable. As millions celebrate Women’s History Month, Red Bay Coffee is launching its Women In Leadership Project. This series of photos and interviews feature the dynamic women behind the brand. Photo Portraits by Pam Borelli. Pam is a San Francisco based portrait photographer and Board President of the historic SF Women Artists Gallery.

In an era where wage gaps persist, women’s participation in the workforce has stagnated and women of color are under represented in managerial positions, Red Bay Coffee stands out. Top roles, including Director of Design, Director of Coffee, Events Manager, Customer Relations Manager, Quality Control Lead and Store Lead are held by women.

“As a woman working at Red Bay Coffee, I feel safe, valued and respected – we’re a family,” says Maria Fernandez, Customer Relations Manager.  “In today’s climate, this means a lot and I’m grateful to be part of this team and company.”

Red Bay’s commitment to equity in the workplace is a core value and is embraced as a competitive advantage. According to a recent Forbes article, women control 51% percent of the wealth in this country, earn the majority of degrees, and are a growing economic power. Having women in key roles means understanding and being able to serve a large portion of our customers and community in a meaningful way. Having an inclusive team means that a diversity of experiences and ideas guide the organization’s work, giving Red Bay Coffee a competitive advantage.

Since its founding in 2014, the specialty coffee roaster has gained recognition for its product and for a strong community involved platform, including hiring formerly incarcerated individuals and aged foster youth, community and cultural events, and strong sustainability practices, in addition to direct trade relationships with farmers. They’ve also reached over $1M in sales with strong growth.

“Red Bay Coffee wants to honor our accomplished and awesome leaders,” says Founder and CEO Keba Konte. “They are the true muscle behind our brand and it needs to be recognized.”

Learn more about women behind the movement to bring beautiful coffee to the people here.

Source/Photo Credit: Red Bay Coffee

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