Finally: Organic Wine Done Right


Good Company Wines, Inc. (GCW), regarded for its expertly curated, global wine selections, today announced its strategic partnership with San Francisco-based subscription meal delivery service, Sun Basket. Having successfully launched the program in the initial markets, GCW will now further expand this new dimension of the organic meal subscription experience to a National audience.

Highly differentiated, the Sun Basket subscription is focused on “cleaner glass” wine selections. Biodynamic, organic and sustainably farmed wines, the program is built on GCW’s’ expansive global wine network and Sonoma-based operations which have proven to be highly effective in delivering the great tasting, high value wines Sun Basket expects for its members.

“This is such a perfect partnership!” says GCW CEO & Founder, Danielle Westfall. “A decade of building online wine has given us a depth of knowledge few others have. Our massive breadth of global winery relationships and intimate working knowledge of the industry’s compliance laws wholly position us to be successful. Add to that, our personal enthusiasm for the natural wines category, and it’s been a jackpot.”

Both companies expect this new organic wine subscription will meet a wider range of consumer needs, lifestyles, and preferences. Designed to pair with Sun Basket’s core offering, the monthly rotating selection of wines showcases exciting new pioneers, special heirloom vineyards, and the highest quality, price ratio.

Source: Good Company Wines, Inc.

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