Chobani Launches First-Ever Non-Dairy, Plant-Based Recipe

New coconut-based products are packed with probiotics, less sugar[1],[2] than other non-dairy brands and only natural ingredients

Nine new Non-Dairy Chobani™ products now available nationally

Launch coincides with debut of Chobani’s good-for-you kids food, Chobani® Gimmies™, and its expanded Less Sugar Greek Yogurt portfolio

Chobani, LLC, maker of America’s #1 Greek Yogurt brand and the second largest overall yogurt manufacturer in the U.S., today announced the launch of the company’s first-ever plant-based recipe Non-Dairy Chobani™, to give people looking for non-dairy products a delicious option that’s packed with probiotics, less sugar1,2 than other non-dairy brands and contains only natural ingredients.

Starting this month, Chobani is rolling out nine new Non-Dairy Chobani™ cultured organic coconut products that will be available nationwide at grocery and retail stores. Like all Chobani® products, Non-Dairy Chobani™ are made using only natural, non-GMO ingredients, and no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives to adhere to our authentic Chobani craft and food philosophy. Non-Dairy Chobani™ products also naturally contain no lactose, are packed with probiotics, and are made with 25% less sugar1,2 than other non-dairy options.

Non-Dairy Chobani™ name and packaging also represents Chobani’s advocacy for transparency as it pertains to better aligning food standards of identity. As an independent food company, Chobani is taking a leadership role in advocating for transparency in dairy and clear distinctions between milk-based foods, such as yogurts, and other options like our Non-Dairy Chobani™ cultured organic coconut purees. Chobani believes consumers are more empowered when food companies accurately describe foods and the nutritional benefits they offer.

The Non-Dairy Chobani™ platform includes:

  • Single Serve Cups: Blueberry, Peach, Slightly Sweet Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla
  • Single Serve Drinks: Mango, Slightly Sweet Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla Chai

Suggested retail prices for Non-Dairy Chobani™ include $1.99 per 5.3oz single-serve cup and $2.49 per 7oz single-serve drink.

For more information about all Chobani products, please visit

Source: Chobani

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