Low Carb Lifestyle Show, First of Its Kind in Toronto

The Low Carb Lifestyle Show brings Toronto’s low carb community together celebrating the popular low carb lifestyle. Low carb, paleo, diabetic and keto enthusiasts can sample foods, drinks and products that will satisfy their cravings.

The quest for creative ways to reduce carbs and sugar continues in 2019.  The Low Carb Lifestyle Show gives consumers a chance to see, sip and sample what’s new in the low carb marketplace.  Local vendors showcase delicious eats and treats, everything from snacks, cookies, chocolate, donuts, drinks, non-alcoholic beer, pizza, buns, pies, food delivery to name a few.

“This event will help connect people, get questions answered and provide education so their specific issues can be tackled and health goals achieved.” Eoin Carroll, Founder Phat Nutrition.

Some of the popular low carb vendors include; unbun, Love Good Fats, Phat Tea, The Butternut Baking Co, Stryv Nutrition, Sugar Daddies Bakery, Dimpflmeier, nuPasta, Keto Bakery Milton, SocialLITE, Keto Can Box, Keto Eats & Treats, Sooketolicious, Niku Organic Meats, Healthy Comforts and Cottage Spring Beverages.

“What I love about the low carb movement is that anyone can adopt elements of it no matter what lifestyle. It is important to do your research and figure out what’s best for you.” Neha Charnalia, Founder, SwitchGrocery.

Event highlights include food demos and low carb experts and success stories.  Don’t miss: Kellie Foster @kellie_keto | Oscar @ihackeddiabetes | Joanna @ketoincanada, | Suzie Yorke, Love Good Fats | Lisa Cantkier, nutritionist | Dan Quibell@thebaconexperiment

“As the world continues to learn how important it is to pay attention to what we eat, drink and how it impacts our bodies, its imperative we entrepreneurs bring these products to life and to consumers” states Edgardo Spano, Johnny ‘s Low Carb Grocer.

“This intimate event provides a sneak peak into the low carb movement, sampling sweet and savoury options.” says Tina Holmes, spokesperson. “The demand for products that fit into a low sugar and low carb lifestyle is growing. Consumers are hungry for more choices.”

The Low Carb Lifestyle Show takes place on March 30th at the Toronto Delta in Toronto.

For information visit www.lowcarblifestyleshow.com.

Source: Low Carb Lifestyle Show

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