Dymatize Launches the Women Strong Campaign

Sports nutrition brand dedicated to helping people serious about fitness seeks to inspire women to become stronger both mentally and physically

Dymatize, one of the world’s most trusted athletic nutrition brands, is pleased to announce the launch of Women Strong, a six-week program of support for women who live, or want to live, a fitness-inspired life. Starting in May, women who love fitness are encouraged to join the Women Strong community. By joining, women will gain access to healthy recipes, inspirational stories, and workouts to help them get and stay inspired, motivated, and strong so they can crush their goals and celebrate their work as they become stronger versions of themselves.

Women who sign up between May 15 and June 31 will receive daily tips and challenges for motivation and inspiration provided by the nine females from Team Dymatize. For example, on one day, women will be challenged to practice mindfulness and complete three sets of 15 reps of bicep curls, and on another day, they will be encouraged to do affirmations and an abs challenge.

“The Women Strong campaign was built with the idea that we can work together toward a stronger way of life if we have a community of women who support us in reaching our goals,” said Erin Stern, Dymatize athlete and two-time Ms. Figure Olympia champion. “The Dymatize athletes and I will be sharing our secrets to help participants get in shape physically and mentally. We’ll share our personal stories, workout tips, and healthy recipes to motivate participants each day of the month.”

Women Strong participants will also have a chance to win a limited edition “Women Train Harder” shirt and weekly prizes including gym memberships and the latest Dymatize products and gear. To join, consumers can go to dymatize.com/womenstrong or the Dymatize Women Strong Facebook group where they can actively participate in the community, share their own fitness challenges and achievements, and get expert advice and tips.

To make sports nutrition more available to those who want to lead a fitness-inspired life, Dymatize now offers products in Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco. For more information about Dymatize and its products, visit www.Dymatize.com.

Source: Dymatize

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