Instacart Reveals the Most Popular BBQ Sauces Across the US

On-demand grocery delivery service celebrates National BBQ Day with a deep dive into its mother lode of grocery data

It’s that time of year — time to fire up the grill and get a little saucy! With the great BBQ sauce debate about to kick into high gear starting with National BBQ Day today, Instacart, a leading nationwide on-demand grocery delivery service, dug into its mother lode of grocery data to uncover the most popular BBQ sauces across the United States.

The results are in, and the top BBQ sauces purchased via Instacart – in order of popularity – from the past 12 months are:

  1. Burman’s Honey BBQ Sauce
  2. Heinz Original BBQ Sauce
  3. G Hughes Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce, Hickory
  4. Wegmans ‘Food You Feel Good About’ Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce
  5. Famous Dave’s Rich & Sassy BBQ Sauce
  6. Kinder’s Organic Mild BBQ Sauce
  7. Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce, Hickory Smoke
  8. Publix BBQ Sauce, Original
  9. Rufus Teague’s Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce
  10. Food Lion Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce

It gets even meatier. As the most purchased BBQ sauce via Instacart in 21 states and nationwide, cult-favorite ALDI store brand Burman’s is doing something right. The Burman’s Original BBQ Sauce sweet and tangy recipe topped the list in 10 states, while the Burman’s Honey BBQ Sauce variety struck a chord in 11 others.

Looking for some expert endorsement? Renowned BBQ states including Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Alabama, in addition to Colorado, Arizona, Florida, and Montana opt for G Hughes — the sugar- and gluten-free BBQ sauce. The authentic Hickory flavor is the fan favorite, earning G Hughes the runner-up spot for the most popular BBQ sauce by state and the third most popular sauce nationwide.

“No matter which brand your tastebuds lead you to, the Instacart marketplace of more than 300 retailers offers a tremendous amount of choice available for delivery to your door in as fast as an hour,” said Jennifer Meyer, Head of Brand Partnerships at Instacart. “I have a busy family of five with one on the way, and during the summer season, Instacart is our one-stop shop for everything we need from our favorite retailers. From the best cuts of meat, fresh veggies, alcohol, and yummy summer appetizers to housewares and fun, festive table accessories, Instacart is our summertime hero.”

For the full list of the most popular BBQ sauces by state, go to

Source: Instacart

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