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Grit Bxng, Opening Mid-Summer, Introduces Full Bar Service

GRIT BXNG no longer makes you choose between a workout class and happy hour, now you can do both in one place. After all, life is about balance. The full service bar at GRIT BXNG offers a luxurious post-workout hang where guests can enjoy a variety of beverages and cocktails. The bar program complements GRIT’s community vibe by providing guests a space to mingle and unwind post-workout.

GRIT’s bar menu offers healthy hand-crafted cocktails or mocktails made with fresh, organic ingredients and top-shelf liquor.  Premium Voli 305 vodka founded by GRIT BXNG investor Pitbull will be featured in many of the cocktails.

GRIT BXNG has also partnered with Dr. Mushroom, the newest energy recovery tea for it’s “late night” Signature Drink, Dr. Mushroom and Mezcal, called DR. M&M.

Deborah Dworkin, President of Dr. Mushroom says, “We are excited to be in all GRIT locations as they open with our teas, soups, and after workout “hard” Dr. Mushroom liquor.”

“The fitness industry is headed towards being a trillion dollar industry,” says CFO (Chief Fun Officer) and Co-founder, Dylan Zanker. “Millennials want to get fit and not have to sacrifice on fun.  GRIT is giving people a space where they can have an intense full body workout and socialize afterwards with a drink.”

In addition to their 5,500 sq ft luxury fitness studio and bar, GRIT’s outdoor space, located in the front of their building, will offer a Champagne Brunch on the weekends.

GRIT BXNG’s 50-minute signature method will deliver high intensity, group fitness classes, with all the fundamentals of boxing at its core. Giant video screens, a million dollar light and sound system, all come together to create a fun entertaining fitness experience unlike any other.

Classes will also feature curated playlists by mega-entertainer Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull, who will serve as brand advisor and investor to the boxing fitness chain.

The best trainers from around the world are encouraged to apply online at https://www.gritbxng.com.


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