Health and Well-Being Become the Focus with Natural Wines Curated by Dry Farm Wines

The courtyard of the Menlo Park’s James Hotel offered the perfect backdrop for an early July summer evening event.  What was the occasion? An exclusive wine tasting featuring Dry Farm Wines, a wine club that curates high quality and sustainable natural wines.

Pictured: Invited Guests Bria and Luther | Photo credit: V. Sheree Williams

Just as the food industry continues to evolve to tailor to consumers’ dietary needs, the wine industry is no different.  Going back to the 1980s in Europe and making its way over to the U.S. in the 90s, the natural wine movement has started to see more momentum among wine drinkers in recent years.  There are several benefits of natural wines with a couple of them being low alcohol and sulfites.

Dry Farm Wines’ curation of natural wines truly takes the movement to the next level.  Working with small family farms that meet strict health standards, they emphasize that wines they work with are “real wines” with “nothing added, nothing removed.”  As a result, their portfolio of producers makes natural and biodynamic wines that are:

  • Sugar-free
  • Contain low sulfites and alcohol
  • Produced from old vines that are 35- 100 years old
  • Hand-harvested
  • Paleo, keto and low-carb friendly

Paired with small bites by Simona Oliveri, the executive chef at the hotel’s Oak + Violet restaurant, we sipped on four selections that proved although natural, nothing was missing from the experience at all. And if you’re one who may regret having a glass or two in the morning, hopefully you can kiss those days goodbye.

Photo credit: V. Sheree Williams

Featured Pours

2016 Château de Passavant Ancestrale Crémant de Loire – French | Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc

The first one in my glass, this sparkling held notes of white peach and flowers on the nose. The tropical fruit landed on the palate with a smooth and bright finish.

2017 Christoph Hoch Wabi Sabi Grüner “Dawn & Dusk” – Austrian | Gruner Veltliner

This white wine boasted citrus notes that gently moved across my palate.  Light and refreshing, it paired easily with the hosted cheese and meats.

2017 Le Fraghe Bardolino – Italian | Corvina, Rondinella

A lover of Italian wines, this light red was definitely my favorite for the evening. Hints of cinnamon and acidity spiced the notes of blueberries. The wine is balanced with soft tannins and look forward to a great finish.

2012 Château Le Vieux Fort AOC Médoc Cru Bourgeois – French | Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc

This selection was bursting with red fruits and a hint of spice. I loved how my palate came alive when paired with the cured meats and bread that I smeared with a little Dijon mustard.  Something about this just added more life to this pairing.

Pictured: Featured Natural Wines | Photo credit: V. Sheree Williams

Join the Club

Dry Farm Wines calls itself “the only health-focused, natural wine club in the world.”  Joining is easy by going online.  You can sign up to receive six ($159.00) or twelve ($299) bottles per shipment.  You also set the shipping frequency as well as if you want a combo of red and wine wines or just one type.

The goal is to introduce members to amazing wines that are not only good but good for you.

For more information about Dry Farm Wines, its wine club and offerings, visit

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