The Vegans are Coming… to Your BBQ! Have No Fear: Sabra is Coming to the Rescue

Sabra launches 1-866-Code-Vegan Hotline for stumped BBQ hosts, offering vegan rescue kits and encouragement from celebs

Sabra, maker of America’s favorite hummus, is kicking off the busy summer BBQ season by coming to the rescue of panicked BBQ hosts nationwide. The brand went live with 1-866-Code-Vegan and today, offering consumers Rescue Kits filled with vegan BBQ flatbread recipes, product coupons and quirky laptop stickers all designed to remind vegans and omnivores alike that the answer to your summer menu challenge is already in the fridge! Sabra has enlisted the help of hummus-loving celebrities who will spread the word, chime in on the hotline and inspire fans to grab the hummus … because the vegans are coming!

“What everyone wants at a BBQ is great company and fantastic food,” said Sabra Chief Marketing Officer Jason Levine. “Hosts shouldn’t be so stressed about the menu for guests who choose not to eat meat. Rather than trying to substitute a ‘fake burger,’ be proud to serve a crowd-pleasing, vegan, plant-based food like Sabra hummus. Sabra, with help from some celebrity friends, is having fun with the idea that hummus is truly delicious for all.”

Interest in plant-based food has grown exponentially in recent years, with an increase in people identifying as vegan in the U.S. over the past few years. While consumers embrace the delicious and flavorful variety of vegan food options increasingly available in store, meat-loving friends and family aren’t always so pleased, especially during BBQ season.

Sabra surveyed 2,000 adults in the United States* and found:

Hosts panic when the vegans are coming

  • Nearly half (47%) of BBQ hosts get nervous and panic about how to feed vegan guests!

Vegans, and others with special diets, sneak food into BBQs so they have something to eat

  • More than half (52%) of BBQ guests with dietary restrictions admit to sneaking their own food into BBQs to avoid having nothing to eat! Unsurprisingly, hosts think that’s rude.

Hosts and guests agree about hummus

  • More than 70% of BBQ hosts are open to serving hummus at their BBQ. More than 80% of guests with restrictive diets are pleased to enjoy hummus at a BBQ.

Sabra’s new toll-free hotline, 1-866-Code-Vegan, helps omnivore home cooks serve plant-based dishes that all their guests will love, so no one has to be “that host” anymore!  The hotline will be active through the July 4th holiday.

Hummus-loving celebrities helping to spread the word (and the hummus!) 
Mayim Bialik
Anne Burrell
Kam Chancellor
Laverne Cox
Natasha Lyonne
Ovie Mughelli
Richard Sherman

Call 1-866-Code-Vegan to request a free Rescue Kit while supplies last and join the fun by searching and sharing #TheVegansAreComing. For more survey data and additional information, contact

Source: Sabra Dipping Company, LLC

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