New VEGAN ESSENTIALS by Healthycell Helps Vegans Avoid Nutrient Deficiency and Live the Life They Believe In

Next-generation MICROGEL™ ultra-absorption supplement offers powerful nutritional support to help vegans and vegetarians achieve their nutritional goals.

Healthycell today announced the launch of VEGAN ESSENTIALS, a new addition to its line of category-leading supplements, expressly supporting the needs of vegans and vegetarians.

“Veganism is the choice of those who want a sustainable and ethical planet, but achieving a nutritionally complete diet as a vegan is challenging,” commented Healthycell CEO, Douglas Giampapa, “VEGAN ESSENTIALS is the first product to make sure that vegans are getting health-critical nutrients which may be lacking in a plant-only diet, in a revolutionary pill-free ultra-absorption formula made with MICROGEL™ technology. With a great-tasting natural peach mango flavor, VEGAN ESSENTIALS is both a uniquely functional and delicious gel that can be enjoyed conveniently straight from the pack, mixed in water, or added to smoothies.”

In the past five years, veganism has grown rapidly. Up to 3% of the U.S. population, or about 10 million people, now identify as vegan. Many more aspire to be vegan but are put off by concerns that they will be deficient in nutrients typically provided by animal dietary sources. Additionally, most people who adopt veganism quit shortly thereafter, many due to nutritional concerns. A lack of essential nutrients is linked to several conditions more prevalent in vegans and vegetarians, including fatigue, poor cognition, memory loss, anemia, weaker bones, brittle nails, fragile hair or hair loss, digestive complications, and even depression.

“Our mission with this product is to support the millions of people on plant-based diets, so they can feel amazing and empowered to stay committed to a plant-based lifestyle indefinitely, and live the life they believe in,” says Mr. Giampapa.

Formulated by an expert team of physicians and nutritionists, VEGAN ESSENTIALS is designed to provide 100% of the new FDA recommended daily value of essential micronutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients that bolster a plant-based diet, such as vitamin B12, omega-3, iron, vitamin D3, choline, zinc, vitamin A, and amino acids. It offers extra support for areas of vegan concern, including brain function, hair health, nail strength, energy, muscle mass, bone strength, and immunity.

The packaging is 100% recyclable. “We’re obligated to protect our planet so it can keep providing for us and future generations,” commented Mr. Giampapa, “We’ve committed to using only cruelty-free, sustainably-harvested ingredients and packaging that is 100% recyclable. Product boxes are recyclable through municipal programs, and we’re partnered with TerraCycle so our customers can send back their empty gel packs free of charge to give them another life. But we’re not stopping there – we’re looking into edible and biodegradable packaging for the future”.  

To learn more, visit healthycell.comTwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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