Choose the Name of the Most Exclusive Official French Champagne-Brand

A project on gives you the opportunity to start a Champagne-brand. The project aims to fund the start of a new organic and Eco-sustainable Champagne-brand.

The opening to pledge – gives you the right to name the brand, but no revenues due to Kickstarter rules – will be published on a random day and time before the 17th of December. “Users have to visit our project page as often as they can and one lucky person will get it,” says Pedro Bentancour Garin, an expert on ancient Greek wine-vessels who started the project.

To know in advance which day the opening will be published you can pledge for the rewards offered from 100 dollars and up. The opening will be published for an hour and the first person to pledge will name a Champagne-brand that will produce 100 bottles per year and thus be the most exclusive official brand. The bottles will be produced and sold for five years after which an evaluation will be made to continue or not. “The name you choose might be your own, your company’s, your pet’s or whichever name you choose, as long as its inoffensive,” Pedro says.

The people who choose to pledge for another of the project’s rewards will be introduced and Knighted in the company’s wine society: L’Ordre du Lion de Champagne, as Knight, Knight Commander or Grand Commander, according to the amount they pledge. They will also be symbolically assigned a square meter of the vineyard, which will be searchable and visible online. “The admission fee to our Order is extremely low,” says Pedro, adding: “most French wine societies charge above 2000 dollars in entrance fee.” Wine societies are a tradition in Champagne and other wine regions of France. Some famous orders are “L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne” and “La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin” in Bourgogne, which practically don’t accept new memberships. Additional fun rewards are planned to be released during the remaining weeks of the campaign.

Pedro Bentancour Garin made the project to establish a new organic and Eco-sustainable Champagne-brand, and to raise awareness of the fact that as little as 1% of the Champagne production is Eco-friendly today. The company will be called “Béthencourt & Garín” to honour the names of his parents.  If successful, the company will also plant trees worldwide for 50% of its profit. “This is the main reason to support us, the rewards are just an extra bonus,” he concludes.

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