Stayhealthy’s ‘Diet Free Life’ Launches “The Stayhealthy Experience” Podcast with Celebrity Guest Chuck D.

 Stayhealthy announced today that it is producing a new podcast called “The Stayhealthy Experience” hosted by Robert Ferguson, Stayhealthy’s health ambassador and noted nutrition expert. The weekly program will feature conversations centered on healthy living with celebrity guests from sports and entertainment, as well as experts in personal fitness, wellness and healthcare. The first episode will premiere on November 5 with Hip Hop legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Chuck D. as special guest.

The premiere episode with Chuck D. features a wide-ranging interview that covers his life experiences as an artist, his personal health regimen and habits, and what makes a successful performer as it relates to health and wellness. In addition to legend Chuck D., the podcast is expected to feature celebrity guests including actor Daniel Baldwin, Herb Dean and many others.

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