Swanson® Announces First-Ever Broth Sommelier

Leading broth brand selects culinary expert to unveil the unique flavor experiences of broth

Swanson®, America’s No. 1 broth, is introducing its first-ever broth sommelier to educate consumers on the care and precision that goes into making broth and to help home chefs identify the ideal broth for them.

The newly named Swanson Sommelier, Chef Graham Zanow, works as the soup and broth executive research chef for Campbell Soup Company, parent company of Swanson. As the Swanson Sommelier, Chef Zanow aims to redefine how consumers think about broth, shedding light on flavor intricacies and the impact it makes on every dish.

“Akin to fine wine or cheese, not all broths are the same. Broth is made through an intricate, deliberate cooking process that requires close attention to the ingredient selection to make a broth with a delicious flavor curve – the beginning, middle and end flavor notes, a rich aroma and a bold mouthfeel,” said Chef Zanow. “Whether you’re a professional or home chef, it’s crucial for all of these elements to be considered when selecting a broth to ensure the end dish is as delicious as possible.”

Chef Zanow brings a distinguished culinary background to this role, with degrees from the Culinary Institute of America and experience in three-Michelin-starred restaurant French Laundry. As the Swanson Sommelier, Chef Zanow is involved in every step of the broth development process – from the initial idea, to right before it hits shelves to ensure that all broths meet the Swanson gold standard.

“A rich, flavorful broth is a must-have when making delicious soups and savory meals,” said Teresa Sandstrom, senior marketing manager at Swanson. “Every batch of Swanson chicken broth starts with a premium double stock, which we carefully craft from 100% natural chicken meat and bones that are gently simmered for 12 hours for richer flavor. We commend at-home chefs that dedicate time to make broth from scratch, but know this is not always an option. Our broth is the ideal shortcut to homemade flavor at its best.”

For the first time, Chef Zanow and his team are sharing the flavor curve for Swanson chicken broth to widen perspectives and deepen the appreciation for a broth’s taste and quality.

“Take our Swanson 100% Natural Chicken Broth, for example: The flavor experience starts with herbs like sage and rosemary. Then, you taste rich, real dark and white meat chicken, followed by a perfectly blended mirepoix (the ideal ratio of onion, carrot and celery), and you finish with a savory umami flavor,” says Chef Zanow. “Broth sets the taste and tone of your homemade soups, and adds the essential flavor boost to a variety of dishes, from rice and stuffing to sauces and meats.”

To learn more about the Swanson Sommelier, visit www.campbells.com/swanson/swanson-sommelier/.

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