Gloria Govan, Fiancé of Lakers Legend Derek Fisher, Launches Gorditos, A Mexican Food Chain with an innovative Keto Menu

Basketball Elite, Social Media Influencers, and Food Bloggers were among the crowd as DJ 2LIPS from 96.3 FM and DJ RRAMA entertained patrons for the Grand Opening of Gorditos. Developed and owned by Gloria Govan & Family, Gorditos is a Mexican Food Chain allowing customers a more customizable offering, with innovative new food offerings including a Low Carb Menu.

Founder Gloria Govan states, “Quality food starts with the ingredients. The number one ingredient in all of our dishes is the tortilla. I knew that I needed to use the most delicious tortilla at Gorditos. I scoured the country to find the best tortilla in the world to pair with our signature Al Pastor, and it turns out they were around the corner, Mr. Tortilla. Like us, they use only the highest quality ingredients and give our customers the choice between Gourmet White, Whole Wheat, Savory Spinach, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil, Low Carb Pico de Gallo, and Chipotle tortillas.

They’ve also partnered with us to create a Low Carb Keto Menu using their Low Carb Keto tortillas. We have Keto Burritos, Keto Quesadillas, Keto Nachos, and Keto Chips. We’re thankful for the support from the Keto Community which has helped us have a successful launch.

Mr. Tortilla is still helping us create new dishes; we’ll soon launch new dessert items based on their chocolate and churro tortillas.”

Govan and her family are looking to expand this concept. Two more locations are set to open in Northern California by the end of March. They are also looking to offer franchising opportunities. Follow Gorditos and Mr. Tortilla on Instagram.

Source: Gorditos

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