Tia Mowry and BioSchwartz Expand Anser to Care for the Whole Family with New Men’s and Kid’s Multivitamins

Anser— led by actress, author, mother and producer Tia Mowry, BioSchwartz, and United Talent Agency (UTA)—introduces its next phase of supplements with a new Men’s and Kid’s collection.  Now curated for the entire family, Anser ensures everyone has access to their supplements.

“My family is my everything—they’re what I really live for. Health is a family affair and the Men’s and Kid’s multivitamins seemed like the next best direction for Anser, especially with the support and expertise from BioSchwartz,” Co-Founder Tia Mowry explains. 

Anser Men’s Multivitamins deliver a full B-complex, specialized digestive enzyme, and key nutrients and minerals most men lack in their regular diets, such as vitamin B6, selenium, zinc, and protease enzymes. The formula is optimized to enhance metabolism, promote energy, and support prostate health. These ingredients also help metabolize protein, retain muscle and maintain normal testosterone levels and heart health, which is a leading health concern in men.

Anser Kid’s Multi Gummies are appropriate for children over two years and are specially developed to encourage mental and physical growth for children in their formative years. They are available in kid favorite flavors like grape, strawberry, cherry, lemon, and orange flavors and packed with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, which are essential nutrients to support growth, immunity, as well as teeth and bone strength.

The new multivitamins are similarly formulated to the original collection—vegan-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO and no fillers while containing clean, highly absorbable ingredients.

“While we encourage our consumers to invest in self-care and take ownership of their wellness, we know that many women take on the responsibility of their entire family’s health,” states BioSchwartz CEO Tom Mooy. “We wanted to provide the next step for the other people in our consumers’ lives and expand on our mission of seeing and recognizing people who have been overlooked in the wellness space.” 

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Anser’s Men’s and Kid’s multivitamins are available on www.shopanser.com for $29.99 for a 60-day supply.

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