Drink Like A Connoisseur: Curated Weekly Tastings Guided By Sommeliers

WTSO’s Weekly Tasting brand is making new changes, bringing the tasting to customers with a more focused approach.

As summer approaches and the wine industry rapidly changes to produce quality products and satisfy customers, WTSO‘s Weekly Tasting saw this season as an ideal opportunity to make some changes to the brand. Starting on June 15, 2020, the Weekly Tasting page will offer one featured wine set per week. This highlights what the shopping method is all about: quality, affordability, and intriguing information with every bottle.

WTSO, an online wine retailer, introduced Weekly Tasting in 2017 as a way to deliver a tasting experience to wine lovers’ doors. Each Weekly Tasting set comes complete with all the materials required to enjoy a fun and interactive wine tasting.

When creating a Weekly Tasting set, one of WTSO’s certified sommeliers selects 2-4 bottles with a common theme: from Spanish Red Varieties to White Wines of France. They will then write a set of tasting notes describing the flavors, aromas, and origins behind every bottle in the set. Each bottle also comes with a recipe pairing, making it simple to match the wines in the set with delicious homemade dishes. And finally, no tasting is complete without an informative video that explores the details of the pack in a refreshing and captivating way for wine lovers of all levels.

By offering a single set per week, Weekly Tasting will now increase focus on finding high-quality bottles, perfecting recipes, and delivering unique tasting sets to new wine lovers and seasoned enthusiasts alike. This gives customers the opportunity to invest in fresh, meticulously-created sets. With each new week, they will explore a different variety of wines from different regions and areas of the world.

The featured Weekly Tasting also comes with exclusive deals for customers. In addition to quality bottles being offered at a lower price than when sold separately, all featured sets come with free shipping. Also, when someone purchases the featured set, they can order a second at 50% off to gift or share with friends — making Weekly Tasting an ideal way to safely host a group wine tasting during the pandemic.

The new change kicks off with one of Weekly Tasting’s most highly-anticipated sets of the year: the summer rosé tasting. This year’s refreshing wines include a signature Rhone Valley and fascinating Calabrian made with a native, ancient grape. They’re paired with grilled swordfish and ratatouille, respectively, for the perfect summer wine adventure – right from home.

This shift is intended to give Weekly Tasting shoppers a seamless and attentive user experience, enhance their palates, and learn about new food and wine pairings. With the wine world changing every day, WTSO has adjusted this shopping method to reflect the current needs of both the company and their customers.

Source: WTSO

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