Mount Vernon’s Ripe Kitchen & Bar Prepares for Comeback

It is Official-Ripe Is Closed!

As if the challenge of being closed during the “pandemic” wasn’t enough, we were forced to once again close our doors temporarily due to a
major kitchen fire.

The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with this new devastating blow, has been the hardest time we have ever faced in Ripe’s 17-year history. We have survived blackouts, major storms, flooding and other difficulties, but this latest one-two punch has truly knocked us to the pavement of harsh reality.

However, we remain steadfast, and my hope is that with your help we will be able to write success stories again in the very near future. YOUR PURCHASE OF A DIGITAL GIFT CARD TODAY will help make that a reality sooner rather than later which you can forward to friends and family as a gift or give as a food bank for someone in need or use yourself when we re-open our doors.

As we navigate the many hurdles of the rebuilding process, we are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support we have received from patrons and the city agencies of Mount Vernon and surrounding areas, and hope that you will join them with investing in our future.

We are filled with hope for the upcoming reconstruction and have a renewed resolve to get Ripe back on its feet as soon as possible!

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