Introducing the WANDA Academy

This month WANDA: Women Advancing Nutrition Dietetics & Agriculture launches the WANDA Academy providing free online healthy cooking and wellness classes for D.C. women in Ward 7 and 8 on Medicaid during #Covid-19 pandemic with support from DC Dept. of Health Care Finance and Sibley Memorial Hospital. 

The online program is creating a safe, supportive sisterhood of self-care at a critical time during the COVID-19 pandemic while navigating structural barriers and existing chronic conditions.

“We strongly support WANDA’s initiative and the focus on reducing health disparities among our Ward 8 residents especially Medicaid recipients by increasing the delivery of evidence-based interventions that are culturally relevant,” Calvin Smith, Ward 8 Health Council Chair. “WANDA is not only a Ward 8 based nonprofit organization but Tambra who founded WANDA is also a proud Ward 8 resident and parent working in the community for over 10 years.”

Supported by a competitive grant from D.C. Department of Health Care Finance, the Food Shero Freedom Fellowships will cover the expenses of the WANDA Academy, which connects women who are conscious and committed to leading through food and changing the trajectory of their communities. Building on their family recipes, women will participate in a cooking challenge and learn about black women’s food history locally and globally.

Through the Academy,  the collective of women will co-create a collection of healthy family recipes, community resources for healthy food access, health literacy, and build a digital sisterhood. Participants will include women and mothers who are Medicaid beneficiaries in the District of Columbia, especially in Ward 7 and 8 join the program.

The applications are open at and directly at

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