Napa Valley Wine Academy Launched New Whisky & Bourbon Certification

Spirits Education Leaders NAPA VALLEY WINE ACADEMY and THE COUNCIL OF WHISKEY MASTERS enter strategic alliance to expand access and opportunities for students of whiskey

NAPA VALLEY WINE ACADEMY, the leading wine & spirits school in the United States, is expanding nationwide access to formal whiskey education, as it enters into an alliance with the foremost whiskey education and certification body, THE COUNCIL OF WHISKEY MASTERS. Both organizations are based in California and support students from around the world with online education programs.

As part of the new strategic alliance, NAPA VALLEY WINE ACADEMY obtains the US-nationwide exclusive permission to promote and offer the Council’s study program and advise students on the program options.

Christian Oggenfuss, co-founder and CEO of the Academy, states “On-boarding the dedicated whiskey certification program of the Council into the Academy’s repertoire of remote-study options is a logical step for NAPA VALLEY WINE ACADEMY, especially as the current epidemic has created the need for proven distance learning programs. The study programs of THE COUNCIL OF WHISKEY MASTERS have been designed for effective remote format from the beginning, and are the global qualification standard in the world of whiskey.”

Aspiring and established whiskey specialists alike enter the study program either through the “Certified Scotch Professional” or “Certified Bourbon Professional” tracks, before they broaden to global knowledge scope in the “Certified Whiskey Specialist” level, and later may advance towards mastery in the “Master of Scotch” and “Master of Whiskey” levels.

The Advisory Board of the Council is home to more than 30 of the most respected whiskey experts in the world, including famed whisk(e)y authorities Steve Beal, Dave Broom, Lew Bryson, and Charles MacLean, among many other men and women of exceptionally high reputation in the world of grain-based spirits.

“Especially during the coronavirus-related downtime, many sommeliers, hobbyists as well as wine & spirits professionals have been planning their future career path and decided to advance their careers and future prospects through systematic education. NAPA VALLEY WINE ACADEMY has been the trusted education provider for many thousands of individuals, who have been guided successfully through the study programs, all the way to graduation and carrying their new professional titles”, explains the executive director of the Council, Dr. Jörn Kleinhans.

Both organizations look forward to equalizing access into promising careers in the whiskey segment of the wine & spirits markets, an industry that has experienced significant growth over recent years. The opportunity is open for individuals regardless of location and prior background.

Source: Napa Valley Wine Academy

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