Virtual Vegfest Connects Plant-Based Community During Coronavirus

The online collaboration between Triangle Vegfest and The Plant-Based Network offers informative content and a multi-vendor marketplace

 Virtual Vegfest, a collaboration between Triangle Vegfest/Vegfest Expos and The Plant-Based Network, is providing direct connection with the top vegan entrepreneurs, chefs and other thought leaders and supporting a range of plant-based, cruelty-free retailers and services through an online multi-vendor marketplace.

“In the wake of COVID-19, we identified an opportunity to benefit the guests, vendors and speakers who were missing out on all of our in-person events,” said Helene Greenberg, founder and executive director of Triangle VegFest. “With Virtual Vegfest, we offer the same informative content that we would have presented at our events, and our new online marketplace supports our vendor partners.”

Virtual Vegfest was launched in April after Triangle Vegfest/Vegfest Expo’s 2020 event schedule was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Greenberg hosts new livestream conversations every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Each conversation is archived online.

Upcoming guests include Chef AJ, author of Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight; Sailesh Rao, founder and executive director of Climate Healers; Claire Smith of Beyond Investing/Beyond Animal; poet Gretchen Primack; and Dr. Michael Greger.

The Virtual Vegfest multi-vendor marketplace offers products from more than a dozen sellers, including Compassion Company, Barrier Island Organics and Marand for Nuuwai. A percentage of all Virtual Vegfest sales support Triangle Vegfest and The Plant-Based Network.

While Virtual Vegfest was initially launched in place of Triangle Vegfest’s scheduled live events, the website will continue even after in-person Vegfest events return.

“Virtual Vegfest will not be going away,” Greenberg said. “We will continue to offer the live talks and convenient shopping opportunities year-round. Virtual Vegfest was created in response to the pandemic, but we’ve discovered it’s a way to bring the world together.”

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