Black Diplomatic Couple Launches Podcast & Provides Passport Scholarships to African-American Students

This year the United States marks 152 years since the ratification of the 14th Amendment, and for African Americans, this Reconstruction Act was a watershed moment, which laid the framework, although hugely imperfect, for a legal basis for citizenship grounded in equal protection and, in theory, the right to own and travel on a passport.

The HayesXChange Podcast promotes the stories of African Americans that are taking full advantage of their American citizenship with an approved passport in hand while studying, working, and living abroad beyond the boundaries of tourism.

The HayesXchange Founders, Calvin Hayes and Kindall Hayes, have launched this podcast to implore listeners to exercise their constitutional right to own a passport and for African American students to prioritize studying and interning abroad.

For Black American, full-time high school or university students enrolled in a four-year institution in the state of Florida, they can apply for a scholarship to cover the fees for their passport application at

To listen to the podcast on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud, visit

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