Food Truck Finder App Launches in San Francisco

The food truck scene in San Francisco’s greater Bay Area is as rich in taste as it is diverse in cuisine – sourcing fresh, local ingredients from ocean waters to organic farmlands. San Francisco is the nations’ melting pot for cultural diversity, serving up some of the most exquisite culinary delights in the country. 

However, trying to find a food truck to satisfy that craving has been a bit of a conundrum until recently.  FoodTrux is launching its revolutionary app in the greater San Francisco market with direct access to well over 50 food trucks and counting. Using a smart phone or tablet, the FoodTrux app utilizes an intelligent user interface to personalize the user experience when searching for and directly engaging with food trucks based upon geographic location, culinary cuisine, and user favorites. 

Available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play, FoodTrux is an interactive food truck finder app that displays local food trucks on the app’s map, provides turn-by-turn directions, lists food trucks’ menus, prices, special promotions and highlights regional events. All of which are uploaded in real-time on the food truck vendor side of the app.

With 90% of the public possessing a smartphone and app usage rates increasing 35% in the last five years, consumers are driven by and demand functional smartphone applications designed to ease and enhance their daily lives. FoodTrux CEO, Matt Noone saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between consumer desire and food truck vendor location, placing real-time GPS enabled food truck access in the hands of food truck foodies everywhere. 

The launch of the FoodTrux app couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time as consumers seek to indulge in small conveniences such as affordable gourmet food. When asked what inspired the creation of the app, Noone said, “The food truck industry has evolved into one of the fastest performing segments in the broader food-service sector, growing by nearly 20% in 2019 – making it an ideal time to develop a targeted, industry specific solution.”

The greater food service sector has become increasingly mobile, fragmented and on-demand in a time when consumers are attempting to navigate social distancing, masks, and eating out. “The FoodTrux app allows for greater access to cuisine diversity in a safe and responsible environment,” said Noone. 

FoodTrux beta tested and officially launched in its hometown of Portland, Maine in August – choosing San Francisco as its second market launch.  As a new startup, FoodTrux will continue to rapidly role out new markets as food truck vendors register on the app and additional venture capital is acquired. When asked why FoodTrux chose San Francisco for its next launch, Noone said, “the culinary diversity amongst the San Francisco food truck scene is by far one of the most dynamic in the nation and we are excited to offer a solution to support both food truck foodies and vendors.”

For additional information and future market launches visit FoodTrux’s social media outlets and website for updated locations at To download the app, visit Apple’s App Store or Google’s Google Play via the following link at

Source: FoodTrux

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