Glancy Wine Education Foundation Announces Formation And Virtual Scholarship Fundraising Event

The Glancy Wine Education Foundation announces its launch, board of directors, and a scholarship fundraising event.

The Glancy Wine Education Foundation was established in July 2020 to continue the wine education scholarship and fundraising work initiated by the San Francisco Wine School through Scholarship America in 2016. 

The foundation is dedicated to assisting disadvantaged and minority communities with scholarships to further their professional wine education and raise their earning power. Every motivated and engaged student should have access to high quality, professional education in his or her trade but sadly, many jobs in hospitality and the wine industry pay well below equivalent positions in other industries.

“The average hospitality professional still struggles to make a living wage. We believe wine education is a powerful way to change those prospects,” says Cheryl Halloran, President of the Glancy Wine Education Foundation. “Given the realities of the Coronavirus pandemic, the need for scholarships has never been greater.”

The Glancy Wine Education Foundation is led by Halloran and managed by a diverse, volunteer board of directors consisting of Alder Yarrow, Randall Bertao, Peggy Cramer, Susan Freeman, Kenny Gold, Christine Ridout and Lise Glancy.

As an independent entity with a year-round presence the foundation will award educational scholarships for any certification program offered at San Francisco Wine School to students demonstrating financial need and relevant educational and professional goals in the wine and hospitality industry.

To fund these much-needed scholarships, San Francisco Wine School is holding their annual Anniversary Celebration and Scholarship Auction, presented by Ron Rubin Winery and California Wineries & Vineyard – Tobias Glen Vineyard, on Saturday, November 14th from 6-8 PM. The public is invited to attend.

Oliver McCrum Wine & Spirits, Cardinale, Hindsight Winery, and Bottle Cru Incorporated are also event sponsors.  All event and auction profits will go directly to the Glancy Wine Education Foundation. 

This year’s Celebration is going virtual with a live online event that features the ever popular Sommelier Olympics and a silent auction full of extraordinary wine items and experiences. Guests will be entertained watching today’s top sommeliers going head to head in Blind Tasting Competitions, Wine Trivia Challenges, and Wine Service Races.

To experience the fun right along with the sommeliers, guests will receive their own Wine Tasting Party Kit available for delivery in 43 states.  Information on the event and tickets are available here.

Source: Glancy Wine Education Foundation

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