Black Doctor Creates, Hand-Crafted Tea Line Offering New Innovations in Stress Relief

Dr. Michelle Clay, Physician, Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Clinical Nutritionist, announces the launch of her newest company, FREEaliTEA, a premium hand-crafted tea line featuring loose-leaf teas that focus on releasing stress simply and naturally and recharging relaxation. With FREEaliTEA, Dr. Michelle Clay continues the native herbal tradition of her great-grandfather to blend the knowledge of conventional medicine with the wisdom of natural medicine and plant technology into every tea blend. This Black-owned business is based in New Orleans, Louisiana but ships nationally.

FREEaliTEA began with a need to relieve and release chronic overwhelming stress that resulted in physical symptoms such as muscle tension and sleep disturbances. Through numerous case studies and research, it was discovered that many chronic illnesses and symptoms are exacerbated by traumatic or stressful events and toxic lifestyles.

“For me, tea is not just a beverage,” says FREEaliTEA creator Dr. Michelle Clay. She states, “It brought me back from a dark place on more than one occasion.” Each blend is named “Release” created with the intention to release what no longer serves the consumer i.e. stress, tension, toxicity etc. to transform a stressful, imbalanced, and unhealthy lifestyle to a healthful one of happiness and harmony.

This tea is perfect for anyone that is experiencing stress and burnout, or that simply needs a relaxing escape.

FREEaliTEA is self-care in a cup. Whether your goal is a feeling of calm and ease, immune support, or cleansing, We have the herbal blend that is right for you to help you create your stress-FREE reality, one cup at a time.”

FREEaliTEA can be purchased at

Source: FREEaliTEA

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