New Website Helps People with Dietary Needs

A new website is giving people who struggle with dietary restrictions and dining out an easier way to discover suitable dishes at local restaurants.

Over 30% of the population has an allergy or follow a diet, and for most dining out is a frustrating endeavor. “People with dietary restrictions are either forced to cook at home, or only visit the same few restaurants”, said Honeycomb founder Tamir Barzilai.

This free website filters through hundreds of local restaurants menus and recommends options for nine major diets and dozens of allergies, such as Vegan, Keto, and Dairy-Free. The site is the first of its kind, as it shows suitability for each dish, rather than just suitable restaurants.  

Barzilai, a BIPOC who has struggled himself with severe medical dietary restrictions explained that “people with dietary restrictions are diverse, crossing all communities, and we wanted the site to reflect this diversity”. The restaurants listed cover a wide range of cuisines, prices, and neighborhoods.

To discover food for dine-in, delivery or pickup within your diet or allergies, visit or and search ‘Washington’.

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