Sagamore Spirit in Quest to Give Away a Barrel of Rye Whiskey

But legally they can’t – so the distillery is giving one grand prize winner the cash equivalent

Sagamore Spirit is dangling a chance to win an entire barrel of its rye whiskey (well, sort of, we’ll explain). The occasion is the award-winning American whiskey brand’s upcoming celebration of “RyeDay the 13th”, its moniker for the rare calendar phenomenon known to most as Friday the 13th, coming back around this November. 

To mark the date, the brand wants to offer whiskey lovers of legal drinking age the chance to win a barrel of its Maryland-Style Signature Rye whiskey. But since that’s not exactly in the cards from a regulatory POV, Sagamore Spirit is doing the next best thing: giving away the cash equivalent of an entire barrel’s worth. That’s $10,000, or enough to buy about 240 bottles. While the brand would be happy to offer its own guidance, the winner, of course, is free to spend as he or she chooses.

Adults age 21 and older can enter at participating bars, restaurants and liquor stores throughout the U.S. by scanning a QR Code visible on cocktail kits, to-go containers and product displays. No purchase necessary. The winner will also receive a VIP tour and tasting session at the Sagamore Spirit distillery and one-night stay at the 5-star, award-winning, Sagamore Pendry Hotel on Baltimore’s waterfront. The sweepstakes is now open and runs through Dec. 31, 2020.

Sagamore Spirit, which launched its first product on a Friday the 13th in May 2016, has come to acknowledge each Friday falling on the 13th of any month as “RyeDay the 13th.” The occasion has traditionally been celebrated by American whiskey fans across major US cities, who enjoyed Sagamore Spirit rye cocktail specials at their favorite bars and restaurants. With many enjoying their favorite spirits at home this year, Sagamore Spirit reimagined the event to get more fans involved, drive foot traffic to bar and restaurant partners, and also spread the fun to liquor retailers who have long supported the brand.

“RyeDay the 13th is always a special day at Sagamore Spirit, one that our fans and partners have come to appreciate and anticipate,” said Brian Treacy, President of Sagamore Spirit. “We wanted to make this version especially exciting, because who couldn’t use that right now? So, while the offer of winning a barrel comes with a wink, that’s kind of the point. We also wanted to make it easier to take part, and to do so responsibly, whether at a favorite local spot or neighborhood store. We eagerly await the big day.”

To learn more about Sagamore Spirit, RyeDay the 13th and the sweepstakes, please visit: The sweepstakes is open in all markets where Sagamore Spirit is available across the U.S.

About Sagamore Spirit

Sagamore Spirit is committed to inspiring a global passion for Maryland Rye Whiskey. Its award-winning five-acre waterfront distillery in Baltimore is reclaiming the city’s rightful place in America’s whiskey history, where storied distillers perfected rye whiskey for more than 150 years before Kentucky was founded.

Source: Sagamore Spirit

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