The Institute Of Culinary Education Announces New Associate Degree Program In Los Angeles

The school will now offer its first-ever degree option

The Institute of Culinary Education has launched its first Associate of Occupational Studies degree program designed for those seeking an accelerated, college-level curriculum with a restaurant and hospitality focus. The AOS in Culinary Arts & Management is exclusively available at ICE’s Los Angeles campus and can be completed in 14 months. The degree program combines the school’s award-winning Culinary Arts and Restaurant & Culinary Management curricula with applied general education courses online.  

The 62-credit degree program will be taught throughout 60 weeks and is composed of four segments. The two main segments, Culinary Arts and Restaurant & Culinary Management, will take place at ICE’s Pasadena campus. The general education and career development courses will be completed online on each student’s own schedule. The final segment is an off-site externship. The Culinary Arts & Management degree program will be followed by similar hybrid programs in Pastry & Baking Arts & Management and Health-Supportive Culinary Arts & Management in the coming months.

“At the Institute of Culinary Education, our goal is to provide each student with an ever-evolving opportunity for growth and education,” said ICE CEO Rick Smilow. “The new AOS degree is an opportunity for students to gain essential culinary arts skills, entrepreneurial and restaurant business knowledge, supported by a foundation of core topical knowledge.”

The new hybrid program includes:

Culinary Arts

  • Lessons in fundamental cooking techniques including roasting, braising, grilling, sautéing, and the preparation of stocks and sauces.
  • A deep dive into the essential flavor profiles and classic dishes of regions in North America, France, Italy, Asia, India and Latin America.
  • Instruction in modern cooking techniques including sous vide, fermentation, preserving and contemporary plating.
  • Exploration of the art of cooking through theory, technique, palate development, speed and teamwork.

Pastry & Baking

  • Education in the fundamentals of pastry and baking, which can be applied to sweet and savory cooking, restaurants and catering.

Restaurant & Culinary Management 

  • Lessons on the interplay between concept development, menu design, pricing and profitability.
  • A deep dive into the basics of cost control and restaurant accounting, including the development of a business plan.
  • Guidance on “the people side” of the business as it relates to staff supervision and service management.

General Education & Career Development

  • Courses in written and verbal communication skills as they relate to recipe writing, reviewing, food blogging and culinary demonstrations.
  • Exploration of the interconnections between cuisine, historical events and international locations, and the growth of America’s culinary culture.
  • Lessons in the connection between personal, professional and financial goals to examine how they contribute to career and personal success, as well as the importance of leadership and team-building.
  • Education on the basics of nutrition and the relationship between diet, health, nutrients and how a culinary professional can use this knowledge.

“What makes ICE’s AOS program truly compelling is its pace compared to that of existing colleges, while not compromising on the quality of education,” Smilow said. “In 60 weeks, students can accomplish what is essentially covered in two years at other schools, which achieves our goal of getting students engaged and interacting with the industry as quickly as possible.”

For more information about ICE’s Culinary Arts & Management AOS, visit

Source: The Institute of Culinary Education

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