YummySessions YouTube Series Serves Quick Multicultural Recipes with a Side of Comfort

YummySessions has launched a YouTube series featuring bilingual recipe tutorials, or instarecipes, of multicultural comfort food.   

The creators of YummySessions devised the series for families with little time for cooking or those caught in a recipe rut during the pandemic. Ranging from 40 seconds to two minutes, each YummySessions video has energetic music, Spanish language captions and appealing visuals that make the recipes easier to understand and follow from any mobile device.

“It’s one thing for dishes to taste delicious but they also need to look amazing,” said YummySessions founder Pedro Escarcega, an experienced videographer with an eye for food styling. “Our recipe videos are shot to elevate the cooking and dining experience. No matter how uncomplicated one of our recipes might be, the way you prepare a dish, present and plate it makes eating it even more pleasurable.”

YummySessions video recipes provide a foodie tour of dishes from around the world, including Italian lasagna, English custard and Mexican molletes.

“We believe that nothing hits the spot like food that reminds us of home. Comfort food brings people together across all cultures. Part of our goal was to highlight the rich multicultural culinary tradition that we now enjoy in the United States,” said Patricia Rivera, a YummySessions investor and marketing strategist.

Taking a cue from ethnic festivals, holidays and seasonal changes, YummySessions applies a visual and psychological approach to select recipes for its series. YummySessions, based in Delaware, believes that eating something delicious every day – with little prep time – boosts our mood and how we interact with others.

“Comfort food makes you feel good because it can be nostalgic by reminding you of a specific time in your life, a person or even a place,” added Paco Hernandez, a YummySessions investor and self-described foodie.

The instarecipes are in English and Spanish and will include other languages spoken in multicultural communities across the United States.

To be a part of the YummySessions journey, follow, like and share YummySessions on YouTubeInstagram and Twitter. The YouTube channel can be found at @YummySessions. To become a partner and feature your food brands in YummySessions video recipes, email info@yummysessions.com.

Source: YummySessions

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