Mother’s Cookies Launches “Fun(d) Mom” to Give Away $20,000 to Moms on Mother’s Day

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No one knows what mom wants better than mom herself.

When it comes to Mother’s Day, you can count on two things to be true: some of us wait until the last minute to get the perfect gift for mom, and no one knows what mom wants better than mom herself.

Mother’s Cookies, makers of the original frosted Circus Animal Cookies, is tapping into these truths to celebrate their namesake, by helping families give moms an opportunity to treat themselves however they want on their special day. Through Mother’s Cookies’ “Fun(d) Mom,” Mother’s will give away $20,000 to deserving mamas. 

In the week leading up to Mother’s Day, from May 3 through May 6, Mother’s will team up with mom influencers who will ask their followers to comment with their dream Mother’s Days. Each influencer will select five of the sweetest and most creative responses to each receive $1,000 and a month’s worth of Mother’s Cookies to make their Mother’s Day just that much sweeter. Go to Mother’s Instagram @motherscookiesus  starting Monday and you’ll be directed where to go to enter for a chance to win.

“Mother’s Cookies delivers tasty treats for families every day, but we wanted to do a little something extra for Mother’s Day this year,” said Rachna Patel, Sr. Director Cookies Marketing at Ferrara.  “With so many deserving mothers out there, we know families will find fun and creative ways to show their love and make their moms’ dreams come true.”

Winners will receive a direct message from Mother’s Instagram @motherscookiesus  and families can follow the handle to see some of the fun ways moms want to celebrate!

To learn more about the Mother’s cookies, visit and follow @motherscookiesus on Instagram and @Mother’sCookies on Facebook.

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