MOFAD Presents: Exclusive MOFAD Trips with Culinary Backstreets

Join the Museum of Food and Drink for a series of exclusive guided tours highlighting the culinary culture of cities and regions across the world in collaboration with Culinary Backstreets in 2022.

MOFAD trips will feature the best local bites and sips, stylish accommodations in boutique hotels alongside activities and professionally guided tours, including: agricultural visits, hands-on demonstrations and workshops, unusual religious sites and museums, hidden historic sites, scenic hikes, market tours, home-cooked meals, and exploring local food and drink businesses.

Brooklyn, NY – This week the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) announced immersive MOFAD trips in collaboration with the world-renowned culinary tour guide company, Culinary Backstreets, for 2022. The exclusive trips will include accommodations, meals and drinks, activities, and professionally guided tours with a focus on culinary history and culture. Each tour will accommodate 6 to 12 people and follow COVID-19 safety guidelines, read Culinary Backstreet’s statement on safety and responsible travel. These trips are exclusive to the MOFAD community. 

Upcoming MOFAD Trips 

Mexico City 

February 17-22, 2022

On this six-day excursion in and around Mexico City, we’ll experience moments of the city’s layered identity: a side-street snack of tacos al pastor and a hidden Diego Rivera mural. We’ll also head out of town to experience a heady Aztec brew, a Colonial-era mole recipe, and the unique, pre-Hispanic floating farms still in use today. This tour will focus on food and the people who make it, but in our periphery will be history, art, architecture, landscape, agriculture, street life, and popular culture.

Find the itinerary, additional info, and pricing here.

Galicia, Spain 

March 18-24, 2022

On this week-long seafood pilgrimage, we’ll delve deep into the world of barnacle hunters, oyster fishermen, lobster trap builders, razor clam-diggers, and net menders, along with the local chefs who are harnessing the incredible offerings of their coast, transforming Galician cuisine into something new and exciting. Though our focus will be seafood and the traditional artisans along this coast, we’ll be exploring all facets of Galician identity – history, folklore, architecture, music, language, and religion – and gaining a deeper understanding of its unbreakable bond with the sea. 

Find the itinerary, additional info, and pricing here.

Marseille, France 

October 3-9, 2022

On this seven-day trip through France’s second-largest city, you’ll find that Marseille is more like a smorgasbord of 111 villages, each with its own personality. Marseille’s central neighborhood is a reminder that the city’s identity is influenced as much by France as the other side of the Mediterranean.

An open port for two and a half millennia, Marseille’s population is incredibly diverse. We’ll savor pastis distilled from Chinese star anise, wood-fired pizza brought over by Italian immigrants in the 19th century and riffed upon by the sizable Armenian community, freshly-baked Tunisian pastries by an 85-year-old legend, and pork terrines passionately made by a young, female chef. Along the way, we’ll chat with fishermen, spice vendors, kosher bakers, Corsican butchers, and local winemakers, translating their savoir-faire so that you can truly get to know this singular city. In between bites, we’ll take a dip in the Mediterranean on an exclusive boat tour of the Calanques, the rugged and stunningly beautiful coastline just outside Marseille. You’ll learn how to make olive oil soap, play pétanque on the beach, and how to cook fish like a local. 

Find the itinerary, additional info, and pricing here.

Source: MOFAD

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