What’s that Ludicrous Sound? Jif® Connects Two Generations of Hip Hop in New Creative Campaign

America’s favorite peanut butter partners with Ludacris and Gunna to open listeners’ minds (and mouths) with The Lil Jif Project

In early 2020, Jif® peanut butter hijacked the internet’s longest-standing debate: Jif vs. Gif. This year, the # 1 peanut butter brand is joining an even bigger cultural conversation around the most influential music genre of the 21st century: hip hop.

Hip-hop fans love the genre because it’s ever-evolving, with artists always pushing to find new sounds and new flows – that’s what keeps the music fresh and exciting. But if you’ve followed rap over the past few years, you know some of the newer flows are melodically innovative and interesting – and that’s where Jif decided to jump in.

“We do a ton of social listening for Jif, always keeping an ear out for opportunities. That’s how the team stumbled upon the link between hip-hop’s newer flows and peanut butter,” said Erica Roberts, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis NY. “With a little digging, it was clear that the comments stemmed from differing stylistic opinions. So we set out to unite the two sides with the help of heaping spoonfuls of Jif peanut butter and some of the biggest names in hip-hop.”

The Lil Jif Project is the latest installment of the That Jif’ing Good campaign, celebrating the great lengths peanut butter lovers will go to for the irresistible taste of Jif peanut butter. In this creative activation, The Lil Jif Project strives to open everyone’s minds (and mouths) to hip hop’s newer style of flow. However, the brand knew it couldn’t take this task on alone, so Jif enlisted one of the greatest lyrical rappers of all time – Ludacris, and paired him with Gunna, one of today’s hottest rappers – bringing the two styles together to create something entirely fresh and new.

On Friday, as part of the Lil Jif Project, Ludacris dropped new music – “Butter.ATL.” Many stealthy music connoisseurs noticed a decidedly new flow from this iconic artist, which came courtesy of a mouthful of Jif peanut butter and inspiration from Gunna, himself. A new spot debuting today on TV and online, chronicles the story of how Ludacris can’t stop eating his beloved Jif peanut butter – even while in studio, during a recording session – and the amazing new flow he created that sounds right at home with the rappers of today. With a cameo by Gunna, and helmed by award winning music video director, Dave Meyers, this film celebrates the magic of this irresistible musical collaboration.

“We are honored that both Ludacris and Gunna chose to collaborate with us to prove our theory correct,” said Rebecca Scheidler, Vice President of Marketing, Jif. “We think ‘Butter.ATL‘ is proof positive that everything IS better with Jif peanut butter.”

“Those who know me know I am a die-hard peanut butter lover – I even have it on my rider! The opportunity to bring together two things I love – Jif peanut butter and hip hop music – was a creative challenge I just couldn’t pass up,” said Ludacris.  “I’ve been anticipating getting back into the studio for a while now and I saw this as a cool way to merge the best of my roots, inspired by the amazing sounds from artists like Gunna, to see what new-to-the-world magic I could create.”

“This project was an incredible collaboration; it bonded two rappers by their shared love of an iconic brand,” said Bettie Levy, Founder & CEO of BCL Entertainment, the Talent Producer for this commercial and campaign. “Ludacris contributed thoughtfully every step of the way to assure the creative was effective and current; this commercial and campaign would not have been possible without his genius, period.  As for Gunna, his willingness to dive head-first into the idea was critical as well… and having a director like Dave Meyers and an agency like Publicis NY craft this unique and bold concept shows its creative excellence.”

To help ‘spread’ the word about the irresistible creaminess of Jif peanut butter, which inspired Ludacris to evolve his flow – here’s the “scoop”:

The Lil Jif Project Overview:

Advertising: In addition to the “Butter.ATL” music collaboration, Ludacris stars in the latest creative ad in the That Jif’ing Good campaign, premiering today on TV and online. The film helmed by music video and film director, Dave Meyers, tells the story of how Ludacris changed his legendary sound – all because of the irresistible taste of Jif peanut butter – along with a little help from Atlanta’s finest new school Hip Hop artist, Gunna.

Social Media and Influencer Strategy: The new Jif peanut butter-inspired sound turned out so great – the brand is inviting other peanut butter lovers to get in on the action via a TikTok challenge, also debuting today. Jif and Ludacris are challenging fans to see if they can “duet” a verse from “Butter.ATL” but there’s a twist – They need to do it with a mouthful of Jif peanut butter. To jump-start the #JifRapChallenge, Jif is partnering with influential TikTok creators to spread the word. Additionally, Instagram influencers also on TikTok in the hip hop space will be educating their audiences bringing new devotees into the fold.

Limited Edition 37-Carat Diamond and Ruby Jif Jar:  A design collaboration between Ludacris and jeweler to the stars, Icebox, two limited-edition diamond and ruby Jif jars were created, one for Ludacris and one for a special use, which the brand will be announcing at a later date.

Brand Charity Donation: Jif peanut butter knows a thing or two about sticking together, especially when it comes to communities that support our country’s youth. With that in mind, Jif and Ludacris are supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of America with a $25,000 donation, with the intent to increase music education and access in schools.

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