Quality Honey: How to Check the Purity of Your Honey

When you order pure honey for your business, you want to be confident in the quality of your products. Here, we’ll share how to check the purity of your honey.

Although most companies understand the importance of ordering high-quality and pure honey products, few businesses know how to check the purity of their syrup. In this blog, we‘ll share our tips on how to check the purity of your honey.

Start With Consistency

One of the fastest ways to check your honey’s quality is to assess your syrup’s stickiness. You can conduct multiple tests to examine the stickiness of your honey. To start, we recommend the thumb test.

The Thumb Test

Add a single drop of syrup to the pad of your thumb and watch to see if the honey spreads over your finger or stays in a single droplet form.

If the honey spreads across your thumb, this is an indicator of impure honey. Pure honey is more likely to stay in place, whereas impure honey contains more moisture from pasteurization. The increased moisture content causes impure syrup to spread into a thinner, stickier texture.

Examine Thickness

Impure honey and pure honey have two distinctly different textures and thicknesses. Bulk organic, raw unfiltered honey is considerably denser compared to impure syrup.

The Dissolving Test

All you’ll need for a dissolving test is a cup of water. Add a tablespoon of honey to your glass. As the honey settles in the cup, notice whether the syrups dissolve or sit at the bottom.

Dissolving honey is a key trait of impure syrup. Pure honey’s thickness will sink the syrup directly to the bottom of any glass, whereas impure honey will likely break apart and dissolve within minutes.

Check the Scent

The aroma of your honey is also a telltale sign of its purity. Since pure honey isn’t as processed as impure honey, you should be able to smell floral scents of wildflowers and grasses. In comparison, impure honey will have little to no smell.

Look for Impurities

One of the easiest ways to check your honey’s purity is to conduct a visibility test. Simply pour a tablespoon onto a plate and look for impurities. Look for traces of pollen or darker-looking particles.

If you notice impurities in your honey, you’ve got 100 percent pure honey syrup filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The impurities in this honey are visual proof that your syrup hasn’t been processed and has all of its potent health benefits.

We hope our guide on how to check the purity of your honey has helped you feel more confident using 100 percent pure honey products.

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