Win Ice Cream For a Year and More in Ben & Jerry’s® To the Core Digital Scavenger Hunt Contest

More than 13,000 prizes are up for grabs between August 18-22, including exclusive swag, swimsuits and a one-of a kind parka

To celebrate the Canadian arrival of new Ben & Jerry’s Cores, the brand is set to launch the To the Core challenge – a digital scavenger hunt that gives participants the chance to win free ice cream for a year and more.

From August 18 to August 22, a fresh set of puzzles and clues will be released each day at 12PM EST across Ben & Jerry’s social channels; together, these will take ice cream lovers and puzzle solvers on a journey across the internet to find a final answer that will unlock The Core in return for amazing prizes.

“Ben & Jerry’s Cores ice cream gives you more of what you love, so we wanted to give our fans the chance to win even more with the To the Core digital scavenger hunt,” says Chelsea Choy, marketing lead, Unilever Ice Cream. “We have more than 13,000 prizes to give away each day of the contest, so it’s anyone’s game, but you’ll have to put on your thinking caps for this one to solve the puzzles and get to the Core!” 

Eager participants are encouraged to pay close attention as they explore the daily puzzles which include brain teasers, word searches and jumbles, Ben & Jerry’s trivia, and even journeys through online maps. Each puzzle will lead to the next, until players reach the day’s final answer.

Grand prizes include ice cream for a year, ice cream for six months, ice cream for one month, and exclusive Ben & Jerry’s swag and swimsuits, which will be allocated to winners on a first-solved, first-served basis. Once all the grand prizes have been allocated, there will be thousands of additional $1- and $3-off coupons available until the contest closes each day at 11.59PM EST.

Wrong answer? Fret not. Everyone’s a winner, as Ben and Jerry’s will reward players with a $1-off coupon just for participating. They can also come back the next day to try and solve a new set of puzzles for another chance to win big. All participants will also automatically be entered into a random draw to win a one-of-a-kind Ben & Jerry’s parka to keep warm and cozy during the winter months — even while you’re eating ice cream!

Ben & Jerry’s new Cores ice cream flavours feature more of what you love with a thick core of brownie batter, peanut butter fudge, and cookie dough for a totally euphoric concoction. Learn more about the flavours here. It’s indulgence at its Ben & Jerriest. All flavours are available at major retailers across Canada and for on-demand delivery on major delivery apps including UberEats and Skipthedishes, see the Ben & Jerry’s website here for more information.

Ben & Jerry’s ‘To The Core’ challenge will be take place between Wednesday, August 18 and Sunday, August 22, from 12PM EST to 11:59pmAM EST each day. For more information and to find the first clue for each day visit the following link.

Source: Unilever Canada Inc.

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