Simple Steps to Start an Urban Garden at Home

If you’re low on space, have a minimalist mindset, or have a beginner’s green thumb, check out these quick and simple steps to start an urban garden at home.

Do not be fooled. Gardening is all fun and games until the bugs have eaten your crops and the heat wilts your harvest. It sounds like an easy-breezy summer activity to start with the kiddos, but without the proper care and a slightly green thumb, you will lose money and quite literally watch it die from the kitchen window. Urban gardens are on the rise, and you can make starting that vision board garden effortless, sort of, no matter your skill level.

Select Appropriate Quarters

Before you begin your potting for the season, one of the simplest steps to start an urban garden at home is determining the most viable workspace. Some gardeners have land to till while others only have a patio. Luckily, urban gardening paves the way for any green thumb to play with seeds and self-sustain.

Traditionally, the goal of the urban garden is a raised bed of your most loved vegetables and plants. The vegetables you eat often, the plants to help draw bees, and maybe even a few herbs. Don’t let minimal space halt you from planting what you desire to harvest. Think about a few of these ideas:

  • Potted herbs around the patio—moveable, accessible, and space-saving
  • Raised soil beds for more hardy vegetables like carrots, green peppers, and beans
  • Recycled pallets converted for herbs or taken apart for raised bed construction

Consider the Climate

When selecting your seeds or seedlings for the season, it would not make sense to plant something that will reject the climate. Refer to your demographic’s planting zone worksheet to find what will work best for you if you’re unsure.

Water With Intent

For a veteran gardener, a critical snippet of well-known information is practicing safe watering habits. A rookie gardener will more than likely have to learn this lesson through a lot of trial and error. The majority of the time, the biggest mistake made in a planting season is over or under watering plants.

Yes, your veggies and herbs require water. Once you add up any rainfall, the rest of the watering is your responsibility. Consider this an art or a labor of love. Check your forecast for any impending rain, and then accommodate accordingly. If you notice a lack of rain, that is your time to shine. Only dampen the soil—no drowning. For anything potted, let the pot “pee.”

So essentially, you cannot just put seeds in the ground and walk away until August. But you can have fun and be creative—perfect for the kids to help. With some of these simple steps to start an urban garden at home, any variation of green thumb is welcome.

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