The Best Places to Visit for Fresh Seafood

If you’re on the hunt for a new place to visit and you want good food and a beach—look no further.

If you think of yourself as a seafood aficionado and need a getaway, let’s explore a few of the best places to visit for fresh seafood!

Georgetown, Maine

Let’s kick off this seafood extravaganza in the eastern United States. Maine is known for its New England clambakes and variety of lobster shacks along the coastline. Feast on a fresh lobster roll made with scrumptious lobster meat mixed with mayonnaise in a buttered, toasted roll. Georgetown is one the best places to try locally caught and expertly prepared seafood.

You must try Five Islands Lobster Co. This casual restaurant sits on an active fisherman’s wharf in Sheepscot Bay, near some of the coldest and deepest parts of the ocean. You can watch lobsters be pulled from the ocean and then served almost straight to your table. You can also choose from their fried seafood options.

Toyko, Japan

Japan is known for its sushi, which chefs prepare with passion and precision. Toyko is home to the Toyosu Market, a destination you won’t want to miss. Immerse yourself in the culture, take a private tour of the market, and learn new cooking skills from a local chef. Don’t miss out on experiencing Cedros and Kaikaya in Shibuya and Sushizanmai Tsukijiekimae and Yamazaki in Chuo, either.

Seattle, Washington

Having the Pacific Ocean in its backyard makes Washington State the perfect seafood destination. Fill your stomach with delectables such as king crab, halibut, salmon, and Dungeness crab. Seattle offers a range of restaurants from small seafood shacks to high-end fine dining.

Seattle has to be one of the best seafood cities in the world. Visit the world-famous Pike Place Market and enjoy watching fishmongers sell and toss around fish. Millions of people visit this market every year to witness the spectacular sights and feast on fresh fish. 


Situated along the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans serves up the best po’boy sandwiches and other seafood delicacies. For an authentic twist, try your seafood blackened with pepper to fit in with the locals. New Orleans hosts the New Orleans Seafood Festival every October, so if you’re in the mood for a great time and good food, visit in the fall.

Baton Rouge is another great spot in the state in which to enjoy seafood. The city is known for its crawfish; you must attend a crawfish boil while you’re exploring.

Sydney, Australia

Located along the coast, Sydney is a beautiful place to find fresh, delicious seafood. It’s home to the Sydney Fish Market, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest working fish market. Expand your seafood knowledge and take a unique class at the Sydney Seafood School.

A can’t-miss restaurant in Sydney is Circular Quay, which offers exceptional views of Sydney Harbor. Or if you’re in the mood for something along the beach, check out Bondi Icebergs Club Bistro, located on Bondi Beach. And don’t forget to indulge in a glass of delicious Australian wine. After all, you are on vacation.

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

You’ll find incredible seafood all along the East Coast, and the Chesapeake Bay region is no exception. Summer is a perfect time to visit the area and feast at one or many of the endless crab shacks along the Maryland coast. You have to try the local delicacy—crab cakes—while on vacation. They’re either boiled or fried and seasoned to perfection.

I hope this has sparked a discussion in your household about where to go on your next vacation. The world is your oyster, after all, so go ahead and book that getaway to one of these best places to visit for fresh seafood. Relax, explore, and eat until you can’t eat another bite.

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